Translation of prosaic in Spanish:


prosaico, adj.

Pronunciation /prəˈzeɪɪk/ /prə(ʊ)ˈzeɪɪk/

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    • The methodical and rather prosaic style may not have the literary skill of, say, Abanindranath Tagore's diary.
    • He also performs some prosaic poetry of more recent vintage, before nervously taking to the mic to croon.
    • Many poets seem threatened by the apparently easily appropriated and fungible modes of prose and prosaic rationality.
    • That's why in rehearsals he often decodes classical mime to prosaic prose.
    • No more than we want our poems to be poetic do we want our prose to be prosaic.
    • As it is, the prose passages are prosaic and the rap doggerel is merely tedious.
    • He might have said poetic language is not prosaic.
    • But both in his words and especially in his music, his language is surely prosaic.
    • First, it tells us that the verse has come to an end - which in prosaic language of the kind found here might not otherwise be apparent.
    • The English track captures the humor and spirit of the show in a way that the prosaic, overly literal, and frankly dull subtitles don't.
    • Here is a prosaic translation which is a complete disgrace to the original language.
    • The style seems prosaic and indicates a distance from the original oral narrative style.
    • I don't think I've seen prose this, well, prosaic since I was a teaching assistant grading papers at Columbia.
    • These poems and a few others tend to be prosaic, obsessed with private matters in banal terms.
    • The dialogue between the characters, while littered with profanities and raw language, is verbose and prosaic.
    • David, it's horrible when that language is prosaic but I thought that this language was really beautiful.
    • We rarely have to think deeply at all because the prosaic nature of our instrumental language does not call for it.
    • Indeed, in a literature that perhaps some find prosaic, these papers stand out for their wit and charm as well as their scholarship.
    • I'm saying something more prosaic and direct: the administration hasn't been honest about its intentions or goals.
    • But the unorthodox screenplay and prosaic dialogues struggle to convey something more than what other such films generally attempt to.