Translation of prove in Spanish:


probar, v.

Pronunciation /pruv/ /pruːv/

Definition of probar in Spanish

transitive verb proved, proved, proven

  • 1

    (verify, demonstrate)
    (theory/statement) probar
    (theorem/innocence) probar
    (theorem/innocence) demostrar
    (loyalty/courage) demostrar
    they couldn't prove that she was lying no pudieron demostrar / probar que mentía
    • to prove one's point demostrar que uno tiene razón / está en lo cierto
    • can you prove where you were that night? ¿tiene pruebas de dónde estaba usted aquella noche?
    • to prove sb right/wrong demostrar que algn tiene razón / está en lo cierto/está equivocado
    • to prove sth right/wrong demostrar que algo es/no es cierto
    • tests proved the drug (to be) effective los experimentos demostraron que el medicamento era eficaz
  • 2

    • 2.1(test)

      (weapon/system) probar
      • Illuminating reality without recourse to truth is proving a difficult proposition.
      • It emphasised that ‘the courts are not the place to prove new medical truths’.
      • An indictment is far from a conviction but as Martin Kramer points out, this refusal to recognise inconvenient truths is also proving an indictment on their claims of expertise.
      • Finally, we are not content with a mere definition of truth; we seek a method of establishing the truth and proving its correctness.
      • Truth is established by proving theory through observation and then having the results confirmed by peers.
      • The person said that telling lies will get us nowhere and we're better off telling the truth and proving it.
      • The scenes are intended to prove the soundness and truth of what has been previously said.
      • How I got in is not something I'm willing to disclose, but I have the documentary evidence to prove it.
      • Bonnet used Codazzi's formulas to prove the existence theorem in the theory of surfaces.
      • He believes he has proven his strength and ability to be an independent voice on the Council.
      • Andrew McLoughlin proved his dead-ball abilities with a cross from the right which fell to McTiernan on the near post.
      • In the face of war and mass slaughter, he has proved it retains the ability to shock us with the sheer frivolity of its efforts in futility.
      • Barrett proved his dead-eye shooting ability as he sunk score after score for his side.
      • The Authority said it is very difficult to prove the existence of a cartel and pledged to monitor the situation in the town.
      • He even produced a document proving it, though no one else knew of its existence.
      • But every inductive argument that proves its conclusion presupposes the truth of the law of causation.
      • Nonetheless he had proven his leadership ability and his political skill in ending the civil war.
      • The French working class has repeatedly proved its readiness and ability to fight for its democratic and social rights in the past.
      • With highlife, African music had proved its resilience and ability to absorb and synthesise foreign influences.
      • The ability to deliver and prove high levels of performance is no longer just a competitive advantage.
      • Once academic scientific studies were established they rejected and ridiculed anything spiritual or metaphysical if it could not be proven by a mathematical formula.
      • What no one is yet prepared to do is go on record as saying he has proved the Poincare Conjecture.
      • She proves a well known (to mathematicians!) theorem of homological algebra.
      • There is a theorem proved by Kurt Godel in 1931, which is the Incompleteness Theorem for mathematics.
      • In 1925 he proved the Krull-Schmidt theorem for decomposing abelian groups of operators.

    • 2.2Law

      (will) comprobar
      (will) verificar
      • The Moores stayed on the homestead long enough to prove it up and get title which would be three years.
      • I'm sure he was wondering who could prove it up, and I started thinking I was going to be called as an adverse witness.

reflexive verb proved, proved, proven

  • 1

    he was given three months to prove himself le dieron tres meses para que demostrara su valía
    • the new system has not yet proved itself in battle conditions la eficacia del nuevo sistema en combate está aún por demostrarse
    • he has proved himself to be a great actor ha demostrado ser un gran actor

intransitive verb proved, proved, proven

  • 1

    (turn out)
    his advice proved useless sus consejos resultaron (ser) inútiles
    • it proved to be very difficult resultó ser muy difícil
    • Completeness, however, is an elusive goal and proves quite difficult to achieve in the arena of electronic state government information.
    • Optimism proved short-lived, though, as Sheffield scored twice more to earn a convincing victory.
    • But he was determined to prove he could achieve success somehow - and eventually he did.
    • The 150 original settlement master plans proved difficult to get hold of.
    • Root-and-branch reform of the NHS, and education, is proving difficult to achieve.
    • The big striker, who moves with intent rather than rather than noticeable impetus, said afterwards that his second goal had proved crucial.
    • An own goal from Nigel Wright proved costly as Duncombe Park lost 2-1 to Amotherby and Swinton in division two.
    • In the return leg at the Tatran Stadium another Nixon goal proved insufficient as a Vladislav Zvara brace took the Slovakians through.
    • If the scheme proves to be successful, and householders who are given the brown bins use them for their garden waste, there is a chance the scheme will be extended when it is reviewed after three years.
    • If the scheme proves successful the police hope to run surgeries at the town's other secondary schools.
    • In the final analysis that lone goal proved to be the all important score of a game that was hard fought but which only produced moderate fare throughout.
    • Nevertheless, tight glycaemic control has proved difficult to achieve in clinical practice.
    • At this stage, the rehabilitation plan proved to be successful and the patient was found fit to undergo plastic surgery.
    • The maintenance of downwards accountability to local communities by the NHS has generally proved difficult to achieve.
    • Killarney Celtic, have been impressive, with some fine performances and they don't concede too many goals and are proving difficult to breach.
    • This is the third year of the book scheme and it has proved very successful as it greatly reduces the financial burden on parents.
    • Employees may be able to complain to the pensions ombudsman that the scheme was maladministered, but this may be difficult to prove.
    • The parking is fully supervised and if the scheme proves successful the feasibility of a more permanent facility will be investigated.
    • While massive amounts of US air power could bring tactical victories, achieving strategic victory proved to be more difficult.
    • If that bid and their offer to take over the football club proves successful, their plan would see City continuing to play at Bootham Crescent until a new home is built.
  • 2

    (dough) levar
    (dough) leudar
    • Place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with clingfilm and leave to prove for about two hours in a warm area.
    • When making bread with the fermented dough, the dough must be removed from the fridge at least 2 hours in advance, to allow it to prove.
    • Prove dough for 60-90 minutes until dough passes the finger-tip test.