Translation of proverbial in Spanish:


proverbial, adj.

Pronunciation /prəˈvərbiəl/ /prəˈvəːbɪəl/

Definition of proverbial in Spanish


  • 1

    their generosity is proverbial su generosidad es proverbial
    • he turned up wearing his proverbial red tie apareció con la consabida corbata roja
    • You don't have to be a Democrat, a liberal, or a socialist to acknowledge that the proverbial wheels are falling off the juggernaut.
    • For those who may have been living under the proverbial rock, Andy Warhol is perhaps the most well-known American artist of the twentieth century.
    • Taken at face value, the question seems simple enough but scratch it and the hidden prejudices and stereotypes tumble out of the cupboard like the proverbial skeletons.
    • I was notorious for talking myself straight into a proverbial brick wall, and that was something I certainly didn't want to do in this situation.
    • It's just so much easier to curse like the proverbial inner city sailor than to speak in a traditionally sophisticated and cultured manner.
  • 2

    (relating to a proverb)
    it's like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack es como buscar una aguja en un pajar, como dice el proverbio / refrán
    • On campus, they stick out like the proverbial sore thumb because they are the ones with the bandaged fingers.
    • In other words, the government is between the proverbial rock and the hard place.
    • The title of the movie refers to the proverbial elephant in the living room - the big problem that is ignored for so long that people are no longer able to recognize it.
    • She looked as though there was something she wanted to say, but either she couldn't find the words or the proverbial cat had her tongue because she didn't say anything.
    • Conversely, an inconsistency in your essay will stick out like the proverbial sore thumb.