Translation of provided in Spanish:


siempre que, conj.

Pronunciation /prəˈvaɪdəd/ /prəˈvʌɪdɪd/


  • 1also provided that

    (+ subjunctive) siempre que
    (+ subjunctive) siempre y cuando
    provided (that) it doesn't snow siempre que no nieve
    • you may go, provided (that) you're home by ten o'clock puedes ir, siempre que / siempre y cuando estés de vuelta a las diez / a condición de que estés de vuelta a las diez
    • Chandu may be put back with his mother in a couple of days, provided his condition continues to be stable.
    • Namibia will be allowed to sell 10 tonnes, provided it meets the conditions set by Cites.
    • Chemistry can become your best friend, provided you get the right guidance.
    • In personal and general conversation we accept all versions, provided we can understand what is being said.
    • They can contain multiple topics, provided that the well-formedness condition on the topic construction is met.
    • At each locus, polymorphism can be maintained provided that two conditions are met.
    • Repairs can be acceptable provided the proportions are not destroyed.
    • So most greens accept air conditioning now, provided that it is set no colder than 26 degrees.
    • Gardaí consented to bail being set, provided the two defendants adhered strictly to the conditions.
    • Register Apple readers don't mind paying for something that brings utility, provided it's fast and it works.
    • They can now come within the new block exemption for vertical restraints, provided that the conditions therein are met.
    • Where still in place, this material will pose no danger to health - provided it is in good condition and is not disturbed.
    • For the avoidance of doubt, Malton market will reopen, provided we can reasonable comply with these new conditions
    • There is a strong argument for this, provided you have a basic understanding of investment markets.
    • The board of Aer Lingus will start looking for a buyer in the New Year, provided the unions accept the deal currently on the table.
    • Bangalore could get back its greenery, which has brought it much fame, provided a lot of thought goes into this.
    • It is legal for them to do so, provided that they bring this to customers' attention before an order is placed.
    • The Court accepted such evidence, provided it was founded upon recognized psychiatric procedures.
    • The dairy supplied the fridge provided you sold only their brand.
    • I am here to help you, provided you supply me with the right information.