Translation of provincial in Spanish:


provincial, adj.

Pronunciation /prəˈvɪn(t)ʃ(ə)l/ /prəˈvɪnʃ(ə)l/

Definition of provincial in Spanish


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    (government/assembly) provincial
    • Another reason for low results is that people just didn't feel as informed as they did for the provincial election and decided that voting would therefore be a waste.
    • The teachers threatened to stage a sit-in outside the provincial governor's house if the problem was not resolved.
    • The march led to traffic being blocked, before it came to a halt outside the provincial governor's office.
    • Born in 1948, he grew up in Halifax and Shad Bay, a small coastal community just outside the provincial capital.
    • He had travelled there from the town of Yopal, the provincial capital of the wealthy oil province Casanare.
    • The total number who voted in the city election in Toronto was 699,000, compared to 850,000 in the provincial election.
    • Another aspect of the de-democratization policy of the provincial government concerns elections.
    • In recent decades the area around the provincial capital of Kunming has developed as an industrial region with an increasing need for electric power.
    • The accident occurred some 8 kilometers west of Siem Reap town, the provincial capital where the famed temple of Angkor Wat is located.
    • As the next provincial election must be called by May, I believe it's time for us to consider what the past terms of the NDP government have brought to this province.
    • Our final day's sightseeing started in Sancti Spiritus, the provincial capital of the region of the same name, where the holiday celebrations were in full swing.
    • No separatist party in the history of the province has ever gotten over 50% in a federal election, provincial election, or a referendum.
    • Last weekend the fledgling party, less than a year old, held its second congress and outlined their program for the next provincial election.
    • Some rural regions are close to urban centres, such as the regions of Manitoba that surround Winnipeg, the provincial capital with 600,000 people.
    • The provincial election in Alberta is fast approaching with a November 22nd or 29th vote.
    • Referring to electoral reform, government said it would implement the decision to review this matter before the next national and provincial elections set for 2009.
    • Sono told the court he had voted at national level for the African National Congress in the 1994 elections and his provincial vote went to the Inkatha Freedom Party.
    • The Elections Finance Act prohibits most forms of political advertising for the initial week of a provincial election campaign, the day before voting day and day of the vote.
    • He said observers and journalists could watch the first stage of the count at the polling stations, but not at provincial election commission centers where the results are tabulated.
    • He proposed instead to abolish the direct election of provincial governors, thus undermining the constitution and doing away with the country's political foundation of federalism.
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    • 2.1

      (town) de provincia(s)
      (fashions/accent) provinciano
      they're doing a provincial tour están de gira por las provincias
      • For all over Ireland, ribbon development of houses persists outside provincial towns and one-off badly sited homes are built without regard for the landscape as a whole.
      • Well over €1million an acre is being achieved for retail parks outside provincial towns.
      • A young woman in her twenties returns from the capital city to a provincial town where she grew up.
      • Today there are many professional and amateur theaters and musical organizations both in the capital and in other provincial towns.
      • Hundreds of thousands joined protests in the Syrian capital, while in provincial towns tens of thousands took to the streets.
      • Market towns have become provincial backwaters.
      • How can Reykjavik give every appearance of being a capital city rather than merely a provincial town?
      • A new phenomenon of rolling demonstrations circled the world - not only in the great capitals but also in provincial cities and even small towns.
      • It also gives us the opportunity to monitor players outside of the provincial competitions.
      • You used to be able to boast that Harvey Nicks was the only provincial store outside London but not any more.
      • Elites in provincial towns in predominantly indigenous regions are often openly racist.
      • In terms of industry and employment Dungarvan, it has to be fairly acknowledged, ranks better than most provincial towns of its size.
      • Already, colourful posters conveying party messages can be seen in public places in the capital Kabul, and in some provincial towns.
      • Mr Cowlam also disclosed that the Bradford bid was well-starred because the Government demanded that provincial workforces be as diverse as those in the capital.
      • It is annoying; I liked the t-shirt I was wearing and now I have to iron the pink one that gets me into trouble in provincial villages.
      • Although quite provincial, Odense boasted the only theater in Denmark outside of Copenhagen, and this was to prove Andersen's salvation.
      • The son of a wealthy Verona businessman, Catullus arrived in Rome in his early twenties and rapidly evolved from educated but provincial outsider to streetwise society songmeister.
      • For 10 or 15 years beforehand, our regions and provincial towns had largely been left to sink or swim.
      • This is highly thoughtful architecture that despite the provincial nature of its setting makes a point of being decent, modern and civilized.
      • Acadians brought with them provincial cooking styles from France.

    • 2.2derogatory (parochial)

      (outlook/attitude) provinciano
      (outlook/attitude) pueblerino


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    provinciano masculine
    provinciana feminine