Translation of prurient in Spanish:


lascivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈprʊriənt/ /ˈprʊərɪənt/

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    • Shaun's censorious attitude combines freely with a prurient interest in sexual matters.
    • People have an in-built prurient curiosity and voyeurism so why should we blame the programme makers for that?
    • In the West, Miike frequently gets pegged as a shock artist, a filmmaker who merits our prurient interest more than our legitimate respect.
    • The film, however, while presenting itself as a compassionate treatment, exploits for dramatic purposes the prurient interests of the audience.
    • In some ways, this biography should be applauded for its total absence of the prurient interest so common to most of its peers.
    • The best a guy with prurient interests gets to see is one glimpse of Reneé Humphrey, and a few fairly hot scenes of women kissing.
    • Obscene material is material which deals with sex in a manner appealing to prurient interest.
    • The trouble is, we are a prurient lot, always interested in the sex lives of other people, especially the famous.
    • There is a great deal of prurient curiosity surrounding our partnership.
    • But just for a moment, prurient eyes were diverted from Sven-Goran Eriksson and Ulrika Jonsson to an altogether more gloomy European affair.
    • If prurient peering into other people's private lives is now an offence, the Home Office should be the first in the dock, with this Act offered as evidence for the prosecution.
    • Media shift the responsibility for sensationalized coverage to a prurient citizenry's market demands for more blood, gore and opulence.
    • ‘Nobody is going to speak freely if they're going to be quoted by ambitious and prurient journalists’.
    • But beneath the prurient detail lies a stinging indictment of greater Canadian society, police and the mainstream media.
    • Pious people, along with neglectful officials and prurient newspapers, need not worry about the thin dividing line between the demon and the normal citizen.
    • There is something about regulating pornography that causes even the most prurient libertarian to become apoplectic.
    • Operating on a far more prurient level is Paul Schrader's latest, Auto Focus, the lurid tale of Hogan's Heroes star Bob Crane.
    • And it has enough about actual sex to satisfy your prurient side as well.
    • These type of programmes are cheap (from a production standpoint) puerile, prurient and sadly popular.
    • Indeed, the only possible response to prurient questions is ‘mind your own business’.