Translation of psych in Spanish:


Pronunciation /saɪk/ /sʌɪk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to psych sb/oneself into -ing mentalizar a algn/mentalizarse para + inf
    • The Dublin team was clearly psyched up in preparation for the early exchanges and a Paul Gibbons miscalculation presented them with a scoring opportunity that was smothered by Gavin Dowling.
    • Along the way, which was only a five minute drive, Lyle silently listened to the uplifting music, and mentally psyched himself up for the date that was less than half an hour away from taking place.
    • It was a big disappointment because we'd been psyching ourselves up for it.
    • I'd psyched myself up mentally to face Branco and what I would have to do.
    • Last year we weren't expected to do anything, so we psyched ourselves up and tore into them.
    • Sam and myself were keen to have a ferret around in Pippikin via Mistral, but Alan was all psyched up to do his first trip down Lancaster Hole.
    • For me, though, all three flawed records are thick with interest, and Remain In Light is still the best LP I know for psyching me up to get through city bustle.
    • I'm all psyched up for it, and I want to get it over with.
    • It's partly just mental - the whole emotion surrounding this race really psyched me up.
    • ‘Just being on the field psychs you up,’ he says.