Translation of psychotic in Spanish:


(p)sicótico, adj.

Pronunciation /saɪˈkɑdɪk/ /sʌɪˈkɒtɪk/


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    • One simply cannot equate psychotic disturbances which alter the entire personality with physical diseases.
    • As well as symptoms of panic, these nine patients all had overt psychotic symptoms and behavioural disturbance.
    • Terror always has its roots in hysteria and psychotic insecurity; still, we should know our enemy.
    • Though he was incoherent and loud, at times my impression was that he was not psychotic or manic.
    • She is a deeply disturbed, psychotic individual, whose case should never have gone to trial.
    • Enrique's face is twisted into a rictus grin, and he lets out the unmistakable chortle of sheer psychotic derangement.
    • Child abuse seems to be particularly related to psychotic symptoms and diagnoses of schizophrenia.
    • The mean decrease in the severity of psychotic symptoms and EPS favored risperidone.
    • One of the most disenfranchised groups in health care is older people with psychotic disorders.
    • I must say that some of the emails I get from Leftists do have all the hallmarks of psychotic thought disorder.
    • Has the Minister seen studies or reports that link cannabis use with psychotic symptoms or mental health disorders?
    • Celebrity stalkers are usually found in the love obsessional group, a high proportion of whom suffer from psychotic illnesses.
    • The only safety issue seems to be in seriously disturbed patients, in whom meditation may trigger psychotic episodes.
    • Edwin was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and marijuana induced psychotic disorder.
    • I know I know I get all kinds of strange paranoid psychotic dreams when I am in a bad mood.
    • I was about to turn into a crazy psychotic lunatic and there was nothing I could do to stop myself.
    • Excessive doses produce hyperactivity, paranoia and other psychotic symptoms.
    • One of their sons suffered from schizophrenia and was prone to violent psychotic episodes.
    • We found very little evidence of psychiatric illness, none of the subjects had psychotic disorders for example.
    • The help received at this temple served as an alternative to clinical psychiatric treatment for these people with psychotic illness.