There are 2 main translations of pub in Spanish

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bar, n.

Pronunciation /pəb/ /pʌb/

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    bar masculine
    to go on a pub crawl ir de bar en bar tomando copas
    • pub food / grub comida de pub
    • Woke up slowly and ambled down in the pouring rain to the pub for lunch and beers with various people.
    • Investigators believe Mr Haywood was assaulted after spending the evening drinking in local pubs and clubs.
    • From now on, only on premises with designated places such as pubs with beer gardens will people be allowed to drink outside.
    • Locals at Swindon's Famous Ale House liked the pub so much, they decided to run it themselves.
    • They go out, drink several pints of beer in the pub and dive into the late night takeaway for a kebab on the way home.
    • I mean, you know, it shouldn't alter your life overly, but it might win you a barrel of beer in a pub quiz one night.
    • As I picked it up, I regretted it: he was in a local pub, drunk as usual, wanted to come round.
    • He goes to pubs, drinks pints of beer and watches football.
    • The court heard the pair had been drinking in various pubs during the evening and had been on amicable terms.
    • My decision to take the rest on a tour of all the really good beer and cider pubs in Bristol was… perhaps unwise.
    • Officers stress the new rules would not affect people enjoying a drink outside pubs or bars.
    • His wife Jill took him back to hospital after the Christmas break and the pair then went out for a drink to a local pub.
    • The couple went for a walk on the beach to take in their win before heading to their local pub for a calming drink.
    • He was drinking in a local pub and spoke to his wife on the phone for an hour.
    • Enjoy a few drinks at your local pub, and keep a look out for quiz nights and local bands.
    • We had to wait for her to finish her classes, so we went and had a drink in the local pub.
    • All restaurants, pubs and bars serving food will be smoke free.
    • No-one has a finger on the pulse of the local community like the pub landlord.
    • You'd be better off going to your local pub landlord and starting you own comedy club.
    • A few people were standing and arguing outside small pubs holding pints of beer in their hands.

There are 2 main translations of pub in Spanish

: pub1pub2


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