Translation of publish in Spanish:


publicar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈpəblɪʃ/ /ˈpʌblɪʃ/

Definition of publicar in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    (book/newspaper) publicar
    (book/newspaper) editar
    (article/dissertation) publicar
    the paper published the text in full el diario publicó el texto íntegro
    • Carol is also a hit in her own right and publishes music books for children.
    • Born in 1941, the son of a lorry driver, he trained as a graphic artist before turning to music and published some books of cartoons as drawings.
    • All three books were published by Heinemann and sales figures for all three reached 50,000.
    • And books are being published and reaching sales figures that would make any publisher proud.
    • The author has published six books, five collections of poetry and a volume of essays.
    • Last autumn, the five women published a book on the restaurants they introduced on the Internet.
    • Whatever it was, he took the secret to his grave, although before his death, he published five books.
    • A facsimile edition of the Black Book was published by the Imperial War Museum in London in 1989.
    • The Almanac is published twice a year in two separate versions, Russian and English.
    • Considering the Journal is published bi-monthly, these figures are going to be hard to improve.
    • Trunk is about to publish a book of library music album covers.
    • I suspect all five could have been published as one book.
    • This soft cover book was published at the end of last year and it is another in the suspenseful thriller genre for which Leather is so well known.
    • Putnam will publish the book in hardcover in fall 2005, with a paperback edition to be published by Berkley in 2006.
    • It was, as Freedom of Information documents revealed, solely because he dared to publish this book.
    • Caissa Editions also publishes books about older tournaments.
    • There are obvious marketing perks to publishing a book by a celebrity.
    • Monica may have lost out by not having Judith publish her book.
    • Kent State University Press will soon publish a book of his Cleveland landscapes.
    • Why would we need to publish trash books from other countries when we have so many of our own?
  • 2

    (make known)
    hacer público
    • Print up invitations to a marriage, publish banns at a friendly church, have one or more brides or grooms and even eat wedding cake.
    • Its replacement is currently being drafted and is expected to be formally published by the Government before July.
    • Banns have to be published at church on three consecutive Sundays.
    • In May the Government announced plans to publish a draft Bill on corporate manslaughter with the timetable for legislation, plus further details, to be announced this autumn.

intransitive verb

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