Translation of pungent in Spanish:


acre, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpəndʒənt/ /ˈpʌn(d)ʒ(ə)nt/

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    (taste/smell) acre
    (remark/question) mordaz
    (remark/question) cáustico
    • Raw ginger has a refreshing smell and a pungent taste that most people like.
    • However, in our laboratory a strong pungent smell had been noticed in the morning, after overnight sterilization.
    • After four days, the beer however deteriorates and develops a vinegary and pungent smell and taste.
    • A dark figure leant over him, and something with a strong, pungent smell was thrust into his face.
    • The next thing was a pungent smell of burning plastic.
    • It's still warm and the pungent, cloying, smell of incinerated tree still fills the air, 36 hours on.
    • The air possessed a pungent, acrid smell because the cigarette had burned through a filter stub in the overflowing ashtray.
    • He awoke again with a start to the pungent smell of burning silicon wafting in the air.
    • The pungent smell of burnt wood and a powerful odor of sweat saturated the very walls of the shop.
    • The pungent smell of petrol at service stations will soon be a thing of the past under government plans to force retailers to cut cancer-causing fumes.
    • Mixed with the pungent smell of hay, I shall never forget it, ever!
    • Wandering among the ruins, there was the distinctive, pungent smell of death, as many bodies have yet to be discovered.
    • Stepping out of the wooden portals, your nostrils are assailed by the pungent smell of leaf-wrapped dosai.
    • Most of the world's humans are accustomed to the pungent smell of body odor.
    • Nothing but the stench of fear to show for his presence, a pungent lingering smell that slides down the back of your throat like tar.
    • If we just could get rid of the quite pungent smell of a sheep stable even after a good scrub it would be perfect.
    • In all copious amounts of alcohol are consumed and the pungent smell of marijuana wafts through the air.
    • It's in what was once the spice area, known for its pungent and exotic smells.
    • A pungent odour can be smelt far from the factory and the hill facing the chimney is bare.
    • Alison could see the yellowish stained teeth and the pungent smell of cigars and liquor was in his breath from a bar most likely.
    • Bambooque's criticism is sharp and pungent, but without being limited to the leader.
    • The Duke of Norfolk, in the next row, offered pungent comments about one or two of them.
    • She has some pungent comments about the spineless response to terrorism.
    • His criticism could be pungent, he rarely praised, but instilled respect for the language he loved.
    • Enjoying stardom while shrewdly aware of its unreality, she was accessible, loyal, generous, with a pungent sense of humour.
    • Mencken was a controversial satirical journalist and pungent critic of American life.
    • Fortunately his blog is still there to read and enjoy his sardonic, pungent wit - although it does seem to be growing mold.
    • He was a pungent, if inevitably covert, critic of Nazism, a discerning analyst of the ills of our age and our best hope of a cure for them.
    • The frescoes show his racy handling of narrative and his pungent characterization.