Translation of purity in Spanish:


pureza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpjʊrədi/ /ˈpjʊərɪti/


  • 1

    (of substance)
    pureza feminine
    • Herbs have been used in Europe for a long time, but their products are tested for purity and content.
    • Now organic living is about purity, wellbeing and more than a little luxury.
    • It had that quality which all pharmaceutical products aspire to - purity.
    • Similarly Milk in use in the City should be checked for purity and its contents and quantum of water in it.
    • The purity of the product is ensured as the entire work is done by the members themselves.
    • Make sure the water you drink is pure; have your drinking water tested for purity and use a good filter.
    • But chemists place great value on purity, and spend much time ridding their products of impurities.
    • Women folk of the village have to walk uphill and down dale to fetch a pail of water irrespective of its purity or impurity.
    • This would include such features as varietal purity, appearance and analysis.
    • Given the high purity, Gardaí said it could be worth three times that when cut down with the mixing agent.
    • The purity of the cocaine was still being tested by forensic experts at Garda HQ yesterday.
    • The best are a welcome change for drinkers - and, with an emphasis on purity, especially for families.
    • In fact not only was it a lower colour and purity, but it had been enhanced by laser drilling to remove impurities.
    • Order it any kind of way and you'll revel in the sweet, rich, spicy purity of the thing.
    • These steps were very successful, and the lake's water has retained its purity.
    • And it is this robustness and purity of fruit that makes Pol Roger such an excellent champagne to lay down.
  • 2

    (moral goodness)
    pureza feminine
    • The colour white symbolizes a lot of things, and one is that it represents purity and innocence.
    • By Victorian double standards, virtue in a man implied courage, but in a woman sexual purity.
    • Notions of sexual purity tend to mean adding to life through subtraction from life.
    • Frodo has been chosen as the ring-bearer because of his humble nature and purity of spirit.
    • He has previously courted the religious right with his strong line on homosexuality and sexual purity.
    • They represent purity and genuineness and a wish for health.
    • The table might also represent purity and clarity of mind since the white cloth gives the table the aspect of an altar.
    • It is actually blue that has traditionally represented purity, while white represented joy and happiness.
    • According to the ancient language of flowers, the Lily represents purity.
    • Salt, because of its preservative quality, represented purity and incorruptibility.
    • Eager to learn from the great man, she hangs on his every word, reminding him of his own faraway innocence and purity of motive.
    • Her image of purity, innocence and kindness fits the traditional Chinese female role.
    • He draws science and aliens, nature and mathematics, pagan icons and purity in beauty.
    • In its vitality, harmony and purity of form, this art is profoundly close to nature.
    • She currently sat, perched on the step, wearing a pretty pale blue gown looking the picture of innocence and purity.
    • Both full of this innocence and purity that so many children no longer seem to possess.
    • That was the day someone purely evil had tried to rob Kat of her innocence, of her purity.
    • It is a matter of the innocence, purity, health, and future of such young people.
    • Aleya turned to me and for a moment I saw once again those sweet eyes of Lucia, that sweet innocence and purity.
    • The yogi was eventually won over by the purity and innocence of Guru Angad and asked the Guru if there was anything that he could do for him.
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    pureza feminine