Translation of purse in Spanish:


monedero, n.

Pronunciation /pərs/ /pəːs/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(for money)

      monedero masculine
      portamonedas masculine
      • They escaped with the black bag containing two black leather purses, one with 8p in change and the other a pension card, leaving their victim slightly injured.
      • In a leather purse was a £5 note, some small notes, and a number of shillings and sixpences above the value of £10.
      • Visitors are advised to take their purse or plastic.
      • With just 12 days until Christmas the great British consumer appears to be keeping her plastic in her purse.
      • Police searched his property and found numerous bus tickets, empty purses and wallets.
      • Hillary's suggestion is to wear your swimsuits, wrap your purse in a plastic bag, carry as little as possible and be prepared to get more than slightly damp.
      • One of the popular sections at the exhibition is the one featuring leather goods such as bags, purses, belts and pouches.
      • It goes without saying that shoppers who are ill-advised enough to carry them at all invariably have a purse or wallet bulging with them.
      • Mum always carried her purse in her coat pocket in case someone took her bag.
      • To promote products, marketers weigh down favor bags with pounds of free stuff: cosmetics, photo frames, leather purses, spa gift certificates.
      • Do not ride motorcycles at any time during Songkran and keep your purse in a plastic bag unless you like soggy money.
      • I have inner pockets, coin purses, money clips, a beautiful chrome change machine hanging from a leather strap around my neck.
      • And a ‘Coin Pulse’ is a cross between a coin purse and coin pouch.
      • What do you do if you find yourself with a lot of change weighing down your purse / pocket/wallet?
      • Making a list and eating before you go means you only buy what you really need thus leaving more money in your purse or wallet at the end of your shopping trip.
      • This full color catalog features Galco's extensive line of fine leather holsters, belts, accessories and artfully crafted leather purses and briefcases.
      • Merchants ran about, plunging their bejeweled fingers into their bulging leather purses in order to recount their coins every three minutes or so.
      • Nora, 69, had been paid her pension of around £100 the day before she was attacked and it is likely some of the money was still in the black leather purse.
      • Mrs Wright eventually let go and Farrell fled with the purse and the money.
      • I did the slow pack and the even slower fumbling in my purse for the exact change but my heart and mind weren't in it.

    • 1.2(funds)

      fondos masculine
      that's beyond my purse no me puedo permitir ese lujo
      • the public purse el erario público
      • The United Kingdom budgetary cuts will serve to reduce the purse available to the incumbent ministers.
      • Layog was suppressing the people and using all of the money from taxes for their own purses instead of the general good.
      • This huge massed fund was the purse, say the Seagraves, from which the zaibatsu financed Japan's industrial growth after 1946.
      • To fatten the purse, each contributes to a mutual fund.
      • Trouble is, their meagre purses / pensions, haven't grown in proportion.
      • But, in the real world, who exactly is it who has a heavier purse today at my expense?
      • The judiciary defends the people and the people's purse.
      • Whether one is in surplus or deficit at the end of the week comes down to one thing: is there any money left in the purse?
      • Account wagering would give us more money for purses.
      • Although such a move could result in lower handle, the net commission to tracks could be higher, which would mean more money for purses.

    • 1.3(prize money)

      (en efectivo) premio masculine
      • If anything, it was the epic length of the encounter that turned it into some kind of heavyweight contest for a prize purse.
      • Put the right money as a prize purse, and you will have the world competing in your backyard.
      • Davidoff Cool Water will be continuing its support of free-sports over the next few years, through sponsorship funds and prize purses.
      • Five other stakes, all with $55,000-added purses, will be contested on the card.
      • The weekend began on Saturday morning with 64 hopeful players making their way through the competition and the prize purse.
      • The prize purse will again be over 60,000 baht in cash, gold and other prizes.
      • His prize was $5m. That's almost five times the prize purse for the Wimbledon Men's Singles champion.
      • For a rematch with Ali, Frazier demanded the lion's share of the purse.
      • That night besides the paltry purse, the other thing that was at stake was the Kentucky Heavyweight Championship.
      • These tournaments have prize purses that, though they don't rival golf yet, are growing every year.
      • Tony not only won the fight but he used the purse to pay off Paulie's debt.
      • Skyrocketing purses have greatly impacted the importance of judging.
      • I mean it's gradually improving, but there's a long way to go to catch up with the purses of the higher weight classes.
      • From that point, we knew that Leonard was more than just a pretty face with the golden purse but a true fighter.
      • He says he wants to fight for the big purse so he can buy his family a house.
      • At the height of his boxing career, he sponsored tournaments, provided purses for professional players and played in national tournaments.
      • The men at the table nod to her as she gathers her winnings into her purse and stands.
      • After the increases, maiden races at Hawthorne will carry a $28,000 purse.
      • The four-race series carries a winner's purse of $1 million.
      • Though if you win one or more of those million dollar purses, you would be set for life as an African athlete or anything else!

  • 2US

    cartera feminine
    bolso masculine Spain
    bolsa feminine Mexico
    • Clutch purses and handbags have an elegant, streamlined look, but they're the perfect size to carry all those little necessities.
    • Police are appealing for witnesses after a thief reached over a pensioner's shoulder and grabbed her purse from her handbag.
    • A little further ahead, the strong smell of leather assailed the nostrils and the eyes were greeted with the sight of handbags, purses, wallets, key-chains and stuff like that.
    • Compared to shoulder bags or purses, backpacks are better because the strongest muscles in the body - the back and the abdominal muscles - support the weight of the packs.
    • All that changed in an instant when she was handed back her purse and all of its contents.
    • Maria came up with the suggestion that I should get Carah a purse or a bag of some sort, since she always lacked one.
    • Clean out your wallet, your purse and your coat pockets.
    • But those wielding the power of the purse should be the last to define ‘action’ so narrowly.
    • Elaine Wagner bumps the car door shut with her hip, her arms full with her purse and a shopping bag almost overflowing with used paperbacks.
    • Instead of a clutch-style purse, select one with a shoulder strap.
    • A former go-go dancer who now works as his paid informant, she pulls a small Ziploc bag from her purse and slides it across the table.
    • So anyone who rides a New York City subway is subject to having their backpack or their purse, whatever the case may be, searched.
    • Its small size and beefier caliber make it ideal for carry in a purse, pouch or ankle holster.
    • They made a quick stop at the market, where Barth purchased Linera a leather purse in which she could carry her other dress, and what she may.
    • A light rain falls on her shoulders as she pulls her purse up by its leather strap and sighs.
    • We'll see lots of small leather purses with a comfortable sling shoulder strap, elegantly embossed with two or three initials.
    • Like the bonbons that line the gilded boxes of Godiva chocolates, their names adorn one storefront after another above displays of leather coats, designer purses and gold bracelets.
    • Grabbing my leather purse, I waved half-heartedly at Lily, trudging after Billy, and down the hallway.
    • After putting all of my make-up back in my purse and tying the plastic bag handles in a knot, I climbed out of the van and locked it.
    • Her ears are pierced, she likes to pull rouge from a plastic purse and brag it across her cheeks.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to purse one's lips fruncir la boca
    • When the jury revealed its verdict on Ingram, he made no response other than pursing his lips and slightly shaking his head.
    • I withdrew, my lips pursing slightly, and I removed my arm from his jumper.
    • There was a pause as Kat stared at him, her lips pursing together slightly.
    • There was a picture of him throwing the ball, his arm slung back and his lips slightly pursed.
    • Jocelyn wrinkled her chin, pursing her lips, shaking her head, ‘I'm quite all right,’ she lied.
    • Her lips tightened, pursing together, forming a thin pink line across her perfect, porcelain features.
    • Perhaps, it was the way he lifted his glass, pursing his shiny lips ever so slightly.
    • Her lips were pursed and faint wrinkle lines could be made out around her eyes.
    • Her black-glossed lips were pursed into a pout as she pointed her pen to an empty page in front of her.
    • Sean's lips pursed and his hands tightened as he struggled to contain his composure.
    • If someone has their arms crossed and their lips are pursed disapprovingly, it's a fairly safe bet they are on the defensive.
    • The art of clamping your teeth together whilst sucking air through them without pursing your lips isn't easily learned, but its mastery has brought me a great deal of satisfaction.
    • His aides, through pursed lips, maintained that the substance of the dossier remained valuable.
    • Garner looks terribly serious, her plump lips pursed into a parody of determination.
    • Devon's jaw dropped slightly and then quickly pursed them together, forming a grim line.
    • She clenched her hands tightly, pursing her lips.
    • He asked, pursing his lips as if threatening me.
    • ‘You know, I think that's a good idea,’ Lethya said, pursing her lips and laying on the sarcasm.
    • Julius smiled weakly, pursing his lips as he replied.
    • Leslie didn't say anything, so I knew she'd drop it, but I bet if I could've seen her right then, she would have been pursing her lips.