Translation of putative in Spanish:


supuesto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpjudədɪv/ /ˈpjuːtətɪv/

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    (father) putativo formal
    • The cuckolded father is in this sense also a helper, but we do not use the term for putative fathers.
    • Moyes does acknowledge that other putative claimants had seen the technology demonstrated.
    • These large FKBPs contain the putative domains reported for interaction with Hsp 90 in animals.
    • In the Arabidopsis genome, several putative cellulases can be recognized.
    • Elitism establishes itself on such a putative ability to rise above mundane choices.
    • We had a confirmatory call from the estate agent this morning, following on her investigation of the status of the putative deal.
    • There was a sickening lurch; immediate survival seemed more crucial than a putative riot.
    • The real tragedy is that most people in the world are trapped between the horror of a putative peace and the terror of war.
    • For six years we have enjoyed the benefits of putative membership.
    • These concepts underlie his concerns about the dangers of a dictatorship of the majority in a putative democracy.
    • The putative Euro League, for big clubs in small countries, enhances the Old Firm's options no end.
    • One putative proponent privately distanced himself from his public praise of Miers.
    • Picture the scene on day one of the great knight's putative retirement.
    • But he did not reveal any timescale for talks and kept details of putative incentives to himself.
    • The putative victim uses a perhaps imagined slight to justify larger retaliation.
    • This year's quartet of putative Prime Ministers ought not to be discouraged.
    • Acas is also likely to meet ministers in an effort to find out how much money might be available to finance any putative deal.
    • The putative buyer backed all the way out immediately, without any suggestion of negotiation.
    • The enormity of this kind of response can never be reconciled with the putative causes.
    • Our putative buyers really, really want this house, and are making best efforts to sell their own.