Translation of pyjamas in Spanish:


Pronunciation /pəˈdʒɑməz/ /pəˈdʒæməz/ /pəˈdʒɑːməz/


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    • Slowly he undid his pyjama jacket and dropped his pyjama trousers down around his ankles.
    • Other highlights include PVC dresses, lace dresses, gold pyjama trousers and chiffon tops.
    • He said that he had not dressed properly but had been wearing slippers, trousers, a vest and pyjama jacket about the house.
    • She saw she was wearing a pair of pyjama trousers and a pyjama t-shirt.
    • He looked at her in her cow print pajama bottoms and sweat jacket.
    • Beth hastily pulled on her nightdress, while Louis frantically rummaged around for his pyjama trousers.
    • He'd already knelt down next to Jake, rolled his pyjama trousers up and put an ice pack over his knee.
    • He was lying on his back, wearing only his blue pyjama trousers.
    • Six months before, Lord Elgin had allowed me to try on James Bruce's scarlet pyjama trousers.
    • It's now been several weeks since I've had to lock him in his room for failing to put a crease in my pyjama trousers.
    • His pajama trousers are simple black sweats that are a little long even on him; he's standing on the bottoms.
    • I stripped off my dress and pulled on a pair of pyjama bottoms and a vest, before climbing into bed.
    • Walking to the bed I grabbed a pair of blue plaid pajama bottoms, slipped them on then pulled a white t-shirt over my head.
    • He shed his pajama bottoms and pulled on a pair of pants over his boxers.
    • Personally I think the jackets look like pyjama coats, but they are not my cuppa.
    • Nobody's strolling by with trunks full of smoking jackets and silk pyjamas!
    • Out of the dryer, he pulled out a pair of boxers and pajama bottoms.
    • I washed up, brushed my teeth, pulled on my pajama bottoms despite the warm breeze trickling through my open window.
    • She pulled on her pajama bottoms, and then her top, went to her bed, got in under the sheets and pulled them up over herself.
    • He finished toweling himself dry and pulled on the pajama bottoms that Dawn gave him the first night.