Translation of qua in Spanish:


en cuanto, prep

Pronunciation /kwɑ/ /kweɪ/ /kwɑː/


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    en cuanto
    • Note, however, that one can to some extent rationally accept s qua a member of G and accept not-s as a private person.
    • As shareholders, qua shareholders, they must be treated equally.
    • Denigrate men qua men, though, and you're hip and clever.
    • Supermodels qua supermodels properly belong to the 80s, that Gilded Age that we shall never quite see the likes of again.
    • The concert hall is the very field of communication qua meaning.
    • Similarly, an analysis of Raging Bull needs to consider the kitchen qua boxing ring, and vice-versa.
    • By contrast, a judge is not, qua judge, an interpreter of Catholic doctrine.
    • The Irish qua Irish have no more title to self-determination than have the freckled, red-haired or bow-legged.
    • People who bleat on about the ‘artistic’ potential of television qua television are equally deluded.
    • These artists and craftsmen were utterly unselfconscious of what they did qua artists and craftsmen.
    • A demand is embedded in the very grain of the voice qua voice irrespective of the meaning it carries.
    • Indian politicians are, I'll just simply aver, the best in the world, qua politicians-committed-to-winning.
    • That is, the logic of power is a reified logic to which the prince must, qua prince, ultimately submit.
    • The problem is in the design of the game qua game.
    • Very little is made of Jesus qua male in the canon.