Translation of quantitative in Spanish:


cuantitativo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkwɑn(t)əˌteɪdɪv/ /ˈkwɒntɪtətɪv/ /ˈkwɒntɪˌteɪtɪv/

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    (analysis/measurement/method) cuantitativo
    • Yet this is in many ways a quantitative rather than a qualitative distinction.
    • Evaluation may involve subjective and objective measures and qualitative and quantitative approaches.
    • That may be appropriate, but using these qualitative data for quantitative statistics is fraught with difficulty.
    • However, to formalize this we require quantitative measures of the similarity of trees.
    • This assay is a highly quantitative and direct measure of antibody response to a specific antigen.
    • Only a few exceptional quantitative measures such as aspect ratio, petal area and perimeter are presently available.
    • Oxygen is able to embrittle beryllium, but there is no quantitative measure of the effect.
    • The results are then added to each player's file and used as a quantitative measure of his current physical condition.
    • The transformation of score values assigned to single cells resulted in a quantitative outcome measure for each proband.
    • We were unable to find evidence of any benefit or detriment for the burden of carers as assessed by two quantitative measures.
    • Measuring devices and a quantitative conceptual apparatus go together.
    • This is particularly important, as the mapping is only as good as the quality of the quantitative phenotypic data.
    • In other words, happiness cannot be measured on a quantitative scale in the same way voltage can be.
    • Familiarity is a quantitative measure of the number of buyers familiar with the company.
    • One of the few ways we have of doing so is through quantitative and qualitative research, and we have required that that be done.
    • This triangulation of qualitative and quantitative data is one of the strengths of the book.
    • This is not only a quantitative observation but a qualitative one too.
    • A water medium can be used for all types of algae for qualitative and quantitative studies.
    • Furthermore, polyclonal antibodies were used to assess quantitative and qualitative changes of the enzyme.
    • To analyze the data we employed a combination of qualitative and simple quantitative techniques.