Translation of quarter in Spanish:


cuarta parte, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkwɔrdər/ /ˈk(w)ɔːtə/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(fourth part)

      cuarta parte feminine
      cuarto masculine
      to divide sth into quarters dividir algo en cuatro partes
      • a quarter of a mile/century un cuarto de milla/siglo
      • a quarter of (a pound of) ham un cuarto de libra de jamón
      • an inch and a quarter una pulgada y cuarta
      • four and a / one quarter gallons cuatro galones y cuarto
      • I'll do it in a quarter of the time lo haré en una / la cuarta parte del tiempo
      • The simple drawing represents a stage divided into four quarters.
      • The Commonwealth Bank owns four and a quarter percent of Woodside, that's $385 million worth of shares.
      • The iliac crest is divided into four quarters, and the excursion or stage of maturity is designated as the amount of progression.
      • The flag has a large white cross, a symbol of salvation, that divides it into four quarters.
      • Traffic in the London Road area of Devizes has increased by more than a quarter in the last four and a half years, according to a survey carried out last week by residents.
      • With a geometric layout, commonly segmented into four quarters, the garden would be enclosed by buildings or walls.
      • They have no choice but to turn in for work the week after half term knowing that a quarter of their class are still enjoying themselves on holiday somewhere around the world.
      • Just as it took a quarter of a century to create the universal special education system we now have, so will it take years to find ways to realize its full potential.
      • Over one quarter of the public school teachers in the United States will be retiring in the next decade.
      • A quarter of adults now hold college degrees, compared with just 11 percent in 1970.
      • The idea of lush fertility is further emphasized by the density of the well-watered clover crop that fully occupies a quarter of the foreground.
      • The first quarter of the novel takes place in Cuba, as Yara and her family wait for the government to process their visas to the United States.
      • It's a brilliant metallic green beetle, about one-half inch long and about a quarter of an inch wide, so it's pretty good-sized.
      • A quarter of Australian universities have now increased fees, most by as much as they're allowed to.
      • A staggering half of all secondary school children and a quarter of those at primary school say they have been bullied in the last year alone.
      • The silver farthing was worth a quarter of a penny.
      • Trucks represent only a quarter of the vehicles passing through the toll plaza, but will contribute more than half of the toll revenue.
      • Membrane proteins probably represent more than a quarter of all proteins encoded in genomes.
      • In the last five years the Post Office has lost a third of its Girobank transactions and a quarter of National Savings and telephone bill payments.
      • When it turned out to be actually Edgar Allan Poe's first book, it was auctioned at Sotheby's for a quarter of a million dollars.

    • 1.2

      it's a quarter full queda un cuarto
      • I'm a quarter French tengo una cuarta parte de sangre francesa

  • 2

    • 2.1(US, Canadian coin)

      moneda de 25 centavos feminine
      • He dropped sixty-one cents (two quarters, a dime, and a penny) into the cup by the one-legged Vietnam vet.
      • She began digging through her cracked plastic coin purse, slapping quarters and dimes on the counter.
      • Collect enough nickels and dimes and quarters and dollars, and you can make billions.
      • Play with only nickels, dimes, or quarters, no pennies.
      • She's more fond of pennies and dimes than quarters.
      • Dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollar coins are all worth more per pound than the nickel.
      • Most likely you would receive a toonie, a loonie, a quarter and a nickel, for a total of four coins.
      • The experimenter displayed the coin, showing both sides, and informed them that the coin was a typical quarter (which it was).
      • The symptoms are sunken, straw-colored spots about the size of a quarter to a silver dollar.
      • He pulled a Canadian quarter out of the pocket of his black pants and tossed it from hand to hand.
      • Learn when it's time to start teaching your kid the value of a dollar or even a quarter.
      • Suddenly, the nickels, dimes, pennies, and quarters started flying.
      • Forrest and I each dropped a Canadian quarter into the water, too.
      • When John Updike began publishing short stories a milkshake cost 10 cents and a quarter kept a kid busy for a week.
      • Discover that buses don't take bills, that it's impossible to get change, and that four dollars in quarters weighs about half a tonne.
      • The orderly reached for his wallet and pulled out four quarters.
      • Educators can creatively and imaginatively use these quarters in lessons on the geography and history of the United States.
      • The gesso process comes first, and then the placement of the broken glass pieces, each about the size of a quarter.
      • To do this, carefully pour a base of white paint in a corner, no bigger than the size of a quarter.
      • Some artists rented theaters, charging people a quarter just to look at the paintings.

    • 2.2(of moon)

      cuarto masculine
      in its first/last quarter en cuarto creciente/menguante
      • About a week after new moon, the moon reaches first quarter and appears high in the southern sky at sunset.
      • In the second quarter the gravitational pull is less, but the moonlight is strong, creating strong leaf growth.
      • The external stimulus provides the impetus to move forth from the inspirational quarter of the lunar cycle into the action quarter.

  • 3

    • 3.1(in telling time)

      cuarto masculine
      a quarter of an hour un cuarto de hora
      • an hour and a quarter una hora y cuarto
      • it's a quarter of one es la una menos cuarto
      • it's (a) quarter to one es la una menos cuarto
      • a quarter after one la una y cuarto
      • (a) quarter past one la una y cuarto
      • at (a) quarter after a las y cuarto
      • at (a) quarter past a las y cuarto
      • Around quarter to ten, fifteen minutes before the ball began and I was to make my grand entrance, the servants finally allowed me a glance in the mirror.
      • It's a quarter past ten AM, fifteen minutes after opening, when the two men rush through the door wearing ski masks.
      • You'd tell them, ‘Okay, we are on the bus at six tomorrow morning’, but we wouldn't be able to leave until a quarter to seven.
      • He agreed and we spent the next quarter of an hour shelving all his books.
      • Ms Lopez spent a quarter of an hour with the candidate and reportedly emerged a confirmed Clark fan.
      • On the 1st of April, it will rise at forty-three minutes past nine in the evening, and pass the meridian at a quarter past two in the morning.
      • The fishing vessel ‘Winsome’ reported his find to the Coastguard at quarter past twelve this afternoon.
      • At a quarter to nine on the morning of September 11, 2001, I was driving down the West Side Highway in Manhattan in a car filled with scholarly texts about Greek tragedy.
      • A good time was had by all, though the show didn't get out until almost quarter to one in the morning.
      • James Gledhill was born March 28, 1829 at quarter before three in the morning.
      • As such, I expect most people to continue responding, ‘quarter after five,’ instead of ‘a quarter after five.’
      • He said: " I had spent a quarter of an hour speaking to the council about it.

    • 3.2(three months)

      trimestre masculine
      to pay by the quarter pagar trimestralmente / por trimestres
      • Woolies reveals its sales figures later this month for the fourth quarter and the financial year and annual earnings on August 23.
      • Priest urged investors to keep in mind that the restatements will not have an adverse impact on earnings in the latest quarter or on future financial results.
      • It then restated its fourth quarter financial results in February, sparking a number of class action lawsuits.
      • Consumer confidence sagged each month in the fourth quarter, as did auto sales.
      • Earnings for the comparable quarter before these transactions were 19 cents.
      • IBM added to the downbeat sentiment by reporting a 13% drop in net income for the fourth quarter of its financial year.
      • Sky said it had added a net 81,000 subscribers in the fourth quarter of its financial year, to take its total to 7.4 million.
      • Such a strategy for building a position in a stock over several months, quarters or even years tends to reduce the risk of acquiring a full position at a price that will later be seen as an all time high for the stock.
      • Under the terms of the lease there is a rent-free period of three months in the second quarter of the lease.
      • The NABE outlook is usually conducted late in the first month or early in the second month of a calendar quarter.
      • Exports are set to slide further in coming months because the second quarter is the ‘slow season’ for technology goods, he said.
      • The company says it expects production to continue to rise in the third and fourth quarters of its current financial year as additional milling equipment comes online.
      • It started to contribute to the profits of the Irish group in the fourth quarter of the last financial year.
      • Productivity grew at a fast pace in the first quarter of this year; the results for the second quarter due this month will be closely watched.
      • Directory assistance provider Conduit said it had made a profit after tax in its last quarter, three months ahead of expectations.
      • She sent the company a cheque for £96.99 as payment for the second quarter up to June, but Cleanaway denies receiving it.
      • These showed that, over the previous four quarters, the Scottish economy had grown by just 0.3% compared with the four quarters.
      • IBM, the world's biggest computer company, benefited from strong sales and a weak dollar in its latest quarter.
      • Outsourcing now accounts for more than a third of the company's total revenue, just over a billion dollars in the latest quarter alone.
      • The world's largest media company, the parent of CNN is saying it earned almost a billion dollars in the first quarter.

  • 4

    • 4.1(district of town)

      barrio masculine
      • The city has a medieval quarter, great pubs, and an annual opera festival of international importance.
      • A new bridge will provide a pedestrian and cycle link from the old town museum quarter and city centre shops.
      • Built on the River Tagus, the medieval quarters of the city are characterised by small houses and narrow streets.
      • We were standing on the roof of Mushtaq's school in Aminabad, the oldest quarter of the city and the heart of old Lucknow.
      • Fiona feels that being around the corner from the Brewery was also a bonus when they signed up for the studios as Highgate, Abbot Hall and Kirkland are often regarded as the cultural quarter of the town.
      • I close the shop up at lunch time - it's an old-fashioned way to do things, but the shop looks old fashioned, and sits in the old-fashioned quarter of the town.
      • Swindon Council is still eyeing up the Wyvern Theatre car park for a flagship central library as well as a museum and art gallery to create a cultural quarter for the town.
      • This park speaks of a great bygone age, and now that the north is fast becoming the frappuccino quarter of the city it may yet thrive again.
      • Among its ambitions could be a campaign to establish a professional quarter in the city where similar firms would be encouraged to locate.
      • Firefighters were searching for survivors trapped under debris in the old quarter of the town of Piera, near Barcelona.
      • In 1742, when the Qianlong Emperor had been on the throne for six years, he gave orders for a new palace and garden to be built in the north-east quarter of the Forbidden City.
      • It was the first quarter of the city to be developed according to a systematic plan during the post-colonial period.
      • The city's original good intention was to improve local living standards by pulling down the city's old quarters and setting up new ones.
      • Explosions and light arms fire were heard in several city quarters.
      • It lasts 30 minutes and the young guides give an informative commentary during the tour of the city's most historic quarters.
      • The splendor of Havana, rather than being confined to a small quarter of the city, extends for miles.
      • The custom originated in the Spanish quarter of the city.
      • Old City, bounded by stone walls which once formed part of a fortress, is divided into four quarters, Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim.
      • Most localities, from walled cities to tiny hamlets, are still divided into traditional quarters or neighborhoods.
      • Two thousand metres of walls still surround the quarter, averaging four times the height of the new fence and, in some places, over three metres thick.

    • 4.2(area)

      parte feminine
      in all quarters of the earth/globe en todos los rincones de la tierra/del globo
      • from every quarter de todas partes / todos lados
      • as is believed in some quarters como se cree en ciertos ámbitos / círculos

  • 5

    • 5.1(direction of wind)

      dirección feminine
      • The weather was perfect, the course firm and the wind blowing from the quarter best suited to setting golfers the fiercest possible test on the inward nine holes.
      • It makes us think of things that happened when the sky was just so; when the wind blew from the same quarter and when the sun hit the side of the house just like now.

    • 5.2(of ship)

      aleta feminine
      on the port/starboard quarter por la aleta de babor/estribor
      • Heinkel bombers from Crete flew to the merchant anchorages at the mouth of the Gulf of Suez and dropped a single bomb on her starboard quarter, ripping a huge vertical gash in her side.
      • We beat the Navy on that in the sense that we saw cruise missile flashes from a guided missile cruiser off to our starboard quarter in the distance at night.
      • True to his promise, the eagle rays are gently flapping and wheeling in the current off the starboard quarter, frustratingly staying just too far away to photograph.
      • He looked round and in the moonlight saw Mr Ventouris leaning over the starboard quarter and then disappear.
      • Part of it has collapsed onto the lakebed, next to the starboard quarter.
      • Hitting one of these submerged boxes, in a storm, steaming with the wind on your port quarter, would have been the equivalent of colliding with a supermarket delivery lorry.
      • A number of days elapsed, and then the return journey got under way, and the La Malouine was stationed on the port quarter of the now-called convoy QP14.

  • 6quarters plural

    the servants' quarters las dependencias de servicio
    • winter quarters cuartel de invierno
    • married quarter viviendas para familias
  • 7 literary

    no quarter was asked and none given fue una guerra sin cuartel
    • he showed / gave the defeated enemy no quarter no tuvo clemencia para con los vencidos
    • They learned to take no prisoners in fighting a skilled and fanatical enemy who gave no quarter and expected none.
    • Aeron took no prisoners and gave no quarter - his enemies perished at his blade.
    • Paolo Di Canio, meanwhile, gave no quarter, tackling ferociously, harrying opponents and delivering a fierce long-range drive just over the bar.
    • Of course, there will be those who say that the men involved were only doing their duty, that they were fighting an equally bloodthirsty enemy who neither gave quarter nor expected it to be given to them.
    • On occasions competition threatened to get out of hand, and both teams gave no quarter in their quest for goals and clean sheets.
    • But it was by no means an easy game as Ayr gave no quarter.
    • Red gave no quarter: all were to be executed and villages razed.
    • He swatted, jumped and ran but the bees gave no quarter.
    • Both teams gave no quarter as they strived to reach the finals.
    • They gave no quarter and Robert of Artois himself and more than seven hundred French knights were killed, while the remaining French beat a prudent retreat.
    • Both gave no quarter as each unloaded everything they had as the balance of power seesawed from Cintron to Reid.
    • The old rugby adage was proven correct against the Boks as the Scottish pack gave their opponents no quarter and precious little ball.
    • To all this criticism, Judt gave no quarter; indeed, he renewed his charge.
    • For chivalry limits wars, gives quarter to enemies, controls aggression and brokers peace.
    • We will be discerning, and when failing to discern, genuinely contrite, but we will give no quarter to our enemy.
    • They were expecting that they would have no choice but to use deadly force because they could expect no mercy or no quarter themselves.
    • It was supposed to be a tough and ruthless decision, giving the enemy no quarter: but at its heart, it was a decision based on funk.
    • In his playing days, he was quite sharp, he was a pretty fierce Captain, he played to win and there wasn't much quarter given to the opponent or indeed sometimes his own side.
    • Though respect for Brissie was great, opponents gave him no quarter.
    • No quarter, no mercy, this was going to be a fight to the finish, one that Scorpio planned to win.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (carcass/body) descuartizar
    (apple) dividir en cuatro partes
    to be hung, drawn and quartered ser ahorcado, destripado y descuartizado
    • I crept into the kitchen where I buttered a slice of bread, peeled and quartered a pear, and cut a wedge of decadent Irish cheese.
    • Place 2 peeled quartered onions in 1 tbsp oil with 1 tsp butter, 1 tbsp small sage leaves and 1 tsp lemon zest.
    • In bottom of a deep roasting pan, place two quartered onions, four celery stalks, the carrots, bay leaves and white wine.
    • To serve, quarter the large pancake and place on four warmed plates, or place an individual pancake on each plate.
    • Scrub the quinces and quarter them, do not peel or core.
    • Stuff turkey loosely with remaining quartered onion and celery stalks.
    • A lot of times, sellers will be advised by their agent to quarter an apple, stick it in the oven, sprinkle a little cinnamon on it.
    • When he works with oil-based paints in homes, he quarters a number of onions beforehand and places them around the room being painted.
    • One night, at a New York dinner party in the mid-1990s, Coplans unceremoniously expelled the hostess from her own kitchen, quartered some oranges, added them to the chicken and recooked it.
    • All fruits used in this work were quartered, frozen in liquid nitrogen, and stored at - 80°C for subsequent use.
    • The prisms immediately solve the magnification problem because of the availability of long focal length lenses in which then the distance between then is effectively quartered.
    • I remember when I played soccer in grade school, all the parents would bring quartered oranges we would devour at halftime; we're a long way from those days I suppose.
    • Rendered in black augmented by a thin sienna pinstripe, each is a variation on a halved or quartered circle which floats below center in a field of pale, luminous celadon green.
    • There are platters of fruit with bright quartered oranges, slices of pink melon with glistening black seeds, and pieces of green kiwi fruit, yellow banana.
    • 1 Put the lentils, chopped carrot, quartered onion and whole garlic into a large pan.
    • 2 carrots, peeled and cut into batons ¾ red pepper, quartered, seeded and cut into batons
    • To make turkey stock: place turkey carcass in large saucepan and add 7 cups water, 1 bay leaf, 1 stalk chopped celery and 1 onion, quartered.
    • Use quartered & cleaned sandcrabs as a substitute.
    • His other contribution to the evening is to make some sandwiches - daintily quartered, but containing peanut butter mixed with sardines.
    • Add the potato quartered then, gradually stir in the stock and bring to the boil.
  • 2

    • I was further shocked to find nine other boys quartered there.
    • Two companies of auxiliaries were stationed in the capital: F Company was quartered in Dublin Castle; and the Division's Depot Company was at Beggars Bush Barracks, in Ballybough.
    • In the relief camp, the women were quartered separately.
    • Many were not officers but sergeants and were quartered separately.
    • Royalist troops quartered in the village of Bradford threatened to level the place with fire and sword as soon as they had orders to do so, says William Scruton in his 1889 book Pen & Pencil Pictures of Old Bradford.
    • ‘There's a court yard on the far side of the wing you are quartered in,’ he explained.
    • You'll be quartered on the fourth floor, room 1281.
    • But Mutebutsi and his forces remained quartered in camps in Bukavu, an important trading centre on the border with Rwanda.
    • The soldiers were quartered in city hall, three hundred militia in Fort James.
    • No soldier shall, in time of peace, be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war be in a manner to be prescribed by law.
    • Established in 1920, the firm is quartered in a building that dates from the early 1900s.
    • The Convention also stipulates that prisoners must not be held in close confinement and ‘shall be quartered under conditions as favourable as those for the forces of the Detaining Power who are billeted in the same area’.
    • Because Ogden was enlisted, however, he was excluded from the festivities and not allowed to be quartered with fellow crewmembers in countries where only officers were considered gentlemen.
    • British troops were quartered upon New York against the vehement opposition of the citizens they were supposedly ‘protecting.’
    • The crew's quarters would traditionally be in the fo'c's'le, while officers would be quartered amidships and at the stern.
    • In the Plains Indians Wars, infantry and mounted troops were quartered in wooden and adobe forts dotting the West and Southwest.
    • My room opened upon the central gallery, and was not even on the same floor as that on which Raffles - and I think all the other men - were quartered.
    • He apparently had little support among his troops and was easily crushed, but Domitian thereafter forbade two legions to be quartered in one camp.
    • We were quartered in crowded Nissan huts on the edge of the nearby city.
    • His army was quartered in the Duchy of Friedland - land owned by Wallenstein.


  • 1

    a quarter pound un cuarto de libra