Translation of queen in Spanish:


reina, n.

Pronunciation /kwin/ /kwiːn/


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    • 1.1(monarch)

      reina feminine
      Queen Elizabeth la reina Isabel
      • she was queen to Charles III era la esposa del rey Carlos III
      • She became a queen and gave birth to a future queen, and in the process became beloved by the British people.
      • Only 30% favour having a king or queen who inherits the position for life.
      • In the 1840s, the Ardverikie Estate was leased by the Duke of Abercorn, a senior aide to Prince Albert, the queen's husband.
      • Of course, this in no way undermines the contributions of other historical British queens and queen consorts.
      • Earlier, the queen and Prince Philip watched a golden jubilee parade in Windsor and started a nationwide jubilee music party during a visit to Slough.
      • Here, as we have seen, their ruler was the pro-Roman queen, Cartimandua whose seat may have been at Stanwick, near Scotch Corner.
      • Not surprisingly, England's first female rulers, the sixteenth-century Tudor queens Mary I and Elizabeth I, assumed power as single women.
      • Zapatero is now pushing a proposal that would allow Spanish princesses to become queens if they are the firstborn.
      • This was once the place of royal summer retreat, and there is a wealth of stories about the kings, queens, princes and princesses who spent time here.
      • After all, if a woman who marries a sovereign king becomes a queen consort, why shouldn't a man who marries a sovereign queen become a king consort?
      • Elizabeth Bowes Lyon was mother to a queen, wife to a king, sister-in-law to another king.
      • The English and French monarchs were kings and queens of the land and not the people.
      • Anne was a queen without a king, even though she had a spouse, who played the public but informal role of a loyal and obedient subject.
      • The basic thing for a sovereign king or a queen of a country is service to the people.
      • Visitors to Windsor Castle are to be given a glimpse of the drawings, books and documents collected by the Stuart kings and queens during their 100-year reign.
      • In some ways, she was better poised, by temperament, to be a royal than the queen, which is a funny thing when you kind of think about it.
      • Children also took part in period dances including the lively farandole from Provence and the slower pavan, both dating back to the time of Tudor kings and queens.
      • The broadcaster's new 24-part series on television series on kings and queens, Monarchy, begins tomorrow night on Channel Four and will continue for the next four years.
      • It examines two powerful queens, how they used their power differently and how they suffered in love; two women imprisoned by the powerful roles they inhabit.
      • And for those who watched the funeral of the Princess of Wales, it was when Elton John sang that the queen was most moved.

    • 1.2(in beauty contest)

      reina feminine
      • Jill's post about this, and her analogy to the unpopular girl winning homecoming queen, made me want to go and vote.
      • Two vintage cars, owned by Mr Mchugh, carried the carnival queen and the mayor.
      • Leanne has had her heart set on becoming the carnival queen for a number of years and was really delighted.
      • From the 1920s until the start of WWII a carnival queen was plucked annually from the town's prettiest girls and given a short spell in the limelight.
      • The evening continued with Killybegs Festival Carnival led by the festival queen.
      • Another addition this year will be a festival queen and two princesses chosen from local girls.
      • Last Friday, however, the boys captured the warrior queen of the girls.
      • Teenage girls were crowned queen of the potato festival.
      • Sunday will also see the traditional carnival parade - a procession through the town centre including brass, samba and pipe bands, floats, walking groups in fancy dress and carnival queens.
      • And carnival queens from Tiptree, Burnham, Braintree, Witham and Wickford were given the celebrity treatment, riding in style in the back of luxury stretch limos.
      • It's one of those letter jackets with the shiny leather sleeves, the kind real athletes wear while strolling college campuses, homecoming queens on their arms.
      • Prospective carnival queens can either fill out an application form on the night of the competition or ring this number for one in advance.
      • And carnival queens will not be allowed to sit on cars.
      • Prestwich's own carnival queens will be selling the programmes outside the supermarket each Saturday and Sunday leading up to the big day itself.
      • All significant events where I grew up involve people carted around town by tractor, including the carnival queens and carol singers.
      • A host of carnival queens from the region clutched their brollies and smiled at onlookers as they led the procession down Drake Street.
      • In the afternoon before the procession, carnival queens from all over the county will take part in a contest to choose the Queen of Queens.
      • The principal was about to announce homecoming king, queen, prince, and princess.
      • The first carnival event will be the appointment of the carnival royalty, including carnival queen, princess and prince, in the town hall on April 30.
      • Yet the former beauty queen has worked her way to the fringes of the British establishment.

    • 1.3(leading example)

      reina feminine
      the queen of roses la reina de las rosas
      • Sunday was family day and the best-dressed lady was selected from the many queens of fashion that paraded the latest styles throughout the course.
      • In the studio the Eastenders cast will get makeovers from fashion queens Trinny and Susannah as part of a What Not To Wear special.
      • Also, since you've been called the queen of fantasy romance, i could use any pointers you have!
      • For once, Kerry's queens of fashion were upstaged by a queen from another land - but they didn't seem to mind.
      • Former classical fashion queens such as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy had a faithful following in the city.
      • For the queen of fashion herself, I will make sure my party starts early enough so that she can drop by for her customary 10 minutes before going off to bed at 10 pm.
      • Long and thin or fat and tubular, pasta is the queen of comfort foods this winter.
      • This guy had more fashion sense than the queen of fashion.
      • Tanya had always been the fashion queen and it was because of that that her friends always deferred to her on issues of style.
      • The HS748, the queen of the skies, has provided outstanding service to the Air Force and the nation in the past 37 years.
      • The world famous queen of fashion, Vivienne Westwood, holding her first ever fashion show in Shanghai!
      • Mary Quant, undoubtedly fashion queen of the decade, rose to fame in 1966.
      • We are throwing down the gauntlet: Who is the next queen of Wife Swap?
      • The production team and crew under the direction of the queen of panto in Ballylinan Bernie Dunne are once again looking forward to yet another busy run.
      • The lifelong rivalry of cosmetics queens Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein makes for riveting reading.
      • But most importantly, Kathie remains the undisputed queen of the council chamber.
      • Economics is often described as the queen of the social sciences.
      • Until recently, botanists have met with similar impenetrability when asking these questions about orchids, the glamour queens of the plant kingdom.
      • Hillary Luigio was a sporty half-Italian girl who was the queen of gossip.
      • And if that doesn't make me the official queen of Google, nothing will.

    • 1.4Zoology

      reina feminine
      • We present data on reproductive partitioning among queens in the ant Leptothorax rugatulus with special emphasis on relatedness and body size.
      • Mound densities were 33 percent less in sites with the parasitic ant, and the number of fire ant queens was 47 percent less in parasitized colonies.
      • But in an unusual role reversal, paper wasp queens beg their young for a meal.
      • Mole-rats are the only known mammals to live in large colonies presided over by a queen (like ants and termites).
      • Among a species known as the little fire ant, both queens and males reproduce asexually, a new study has found.
      • Eusocial insect colonies are frequently headed by multiple reproductive queens.
      • A major distinction in the social organization of ant societies is the number of queens that inhabit a colony.
      • There seems to be the implicit assumption that queens of social insects have little or no cost of reproduction because they are amply supplied with resources by their workers.
      • The queen and half of the bees fly off to begin a new hive, and the remaining bees raise a new queen and continue reproducing.
      • Nevertheless, these queens also compete for reproductive shares within a colony of limited resources.
      • To alleviate this problem, some people care for wasp queens in winter.
      • Colonies of this species typically contain multiple queens, and most reproductive individuals mate within their parental nest without dispersing.
      • In the ant Leptothorax albipennis, the queen is carried during colony emigration.
      • This potent fungus, which also kills termites, doesn't harm bees or affect their queen's production.
      • The worker bees die at the end of summer and the impregnated queen starts a new colony when warm weather returns.
      • However, clear evidence of nepotism in the rearing of queens in social insects is limited and controversial.
      • As a result, the progeny of a single queen (a normal bee colony) make up a genetically diverse population.
      • Although queens heading neighboring colonies are not close relatives, fixation indices show significant genetic differentiation among aggregation sites.
      • Therefore, it is possible that Africanized drones may have hybridized with European queens, which established colonies at WWR as early as 1991.
      • Should a colony containing more than one queen be separated into subunits, any subunit containing a queen can become independent over time.
      • Mousers left their prey, elder toms left their warm places by the fire, kittens left their meals, queens grabbed a kitten from their nest, and they all ran to the woods.

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    (in chess, cards)
    reina feminine
    • As far as movement, he's as versatile as the queen piece on a chess board.
    • On move 20, the two players liquidated their queens and after swapping pieces in the next 10 moves, they were almost in a balanced position.
    • After the queens came off on move 40, Korchnoi was left with 6 pawns to Galliamova's knight and 2 soldiers.
    • Black must find a way to involve some more pieces beyond the queen and rook on c8.
    • Anand sacrificed his queen on move 22, getting a rook and knight in return.
    • Aware that I had already won a small victory by being the last standing player, I made a bold move with my queen.
    • In top tournaments, in which electronic boards are used, each set of pieces has an extra queen for each side.
    • Both players sacrificed their queens early, but Kasparov deliberated over a simple sacrifice exchange later in the match, which baffled analysts.
    • ‘In chess, when a queen is beleaguered, it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice a knight to save the game,’ he told the media.
    • After some deliberation, he moved his queen diagonally across the board, capturing Adam's remaining knight.
    • David moved his queen left diagonally two spaces.
    • With white he quickly swung his queen over to the kingside and proceeded to advance his pawns.
    • Garry was, however, able to save himself by sacrificing his queen for rook, knight and pawn, plus an attack.
    • Thus, in the context of a chess game, moving your queen to a square adjacent to your opponent's king counts as a check.
    • Miss Watson left her queen en prise against Miss Gooding, who failed to notice and eventually lost.
    • It was also obvious that Kasparov would soon be able to make a new queen, giving him an overwhelming material advantage.
    • His king was caught in a mating net and to avoid it he would have lost his queen, so he resigned after 29 moves.
    • I moved my queen to mid-board, hoping to establish an offensive.
    • His point is that the queen's position on h6 gives white the additional annoying possibility of 12.Nh4!
    • In this position the queen in the corner is a problem, so I planned 2.b3 to bring it into play.
    • You should generally try to avoid playing aces, kings, queens and jacks except when capturing or building with them.
    • A Kirby is often used when a player has many trumps, or cards above the value of queens (kings and Aces).
    • The object is to take tricks containing aces, 10s, kings, queens and jacks.
    • In this game kings, queens and jacks are worth half a point each, and the numeral cards are worth their face value.
    • It consists of ace, king, queen, jack, ten, all in the same suit.
    • The ace, king, queen, jack and ten of each suit are worth one point each, so that the pack contains 20 points in all.
    • Anyone who holds the ace, king, queen, jack or ten of hearts takes all the chips from that space.
    • He laid down an ace, a king, a queen, a jack and a ten.
    • To this day, packs of Italian playing-cards do not have queens - nor do packs in Spain, Germany and Switzerland (among others).
    • Players may agree to value the jacks, queens, kings and aces at ten points each; this makes the count faster.
    • The face cards - the jack, queen and king - and the joker each have a different kind of dog painted on them.
    • A combination consisting of a king and a queen of each suit is sometimes known as a roundhouse.
    • The deck is prepared by first removing the kings, queens, and jacks, and then separating the colors, leaving you with two 20-card decks.
    • Another variation is to count face cards as numbers; jacks have a value of eleven, queens twelve, and kings thirteen.
    • The dealer flops an ace, queen and jack - two of them spades.
    • The queen of clubs belongs for all purposes to the trump suit, not to the club suit.
    • If the queen of spades is dealt face down, then there is no chance of the hand being reset.
    • There are no trumps at the start, but if the side winning a trick hold the king and queen of a suit, they can make that suit trumps.
    • Whoever receives the ace is the first dealer; the player with the king sits to that player's left, then the queen and so on down, in clockwise order.
    • Note that all the queens, including diamonds, also carry their normal 3 points, which cannot be annulled.
  • 3slang

    (male homosexual)
    loca feminine slang
    marica masculine informal, derogatory

transitive verb

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    (in chess)
    (pawn) coronar
    • A Slav drawn in 22 moves after a short burst of excitement where Kramnik gave up his queen, then queened a pawn to re-establish material equality.
    • Both players queened a pawn after 56 moves, but Korchnoi managed to check and grab the knight leaving him up 2 passed pawns, and Galliamova resigned after 64 moves.
    • Winning one more pawn, Saravanan never looked back and closed in on his opponent in a rook-bishop-knight ending by queening his pawn.
    • But it was still enough, and as both players queened a pawn, it was Bareev who was first to check.
    • The Black pawn could only be stopped from queening by allowing a drawn king and pawn endgame.