Hay 2 traducciones principales de queer en Español

: queer1queer2


raro, adj.

Pronunciación /kwɪr/ /kwɪə/

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  • 1

    how queer! ¡qué raro / extraño / curioso!
    • I think he's a bit queer in the head creo que está un poco mal de la cabeza
    • Something in Dana's head felt weird, but not any stranger than the queer feeling in her heart.
    • I invite you to relive this most extraordinary of expeditions with me as we explore the strange and queer lands of England, Scotland, and the airport in Germany.
    • The only strange thing was a queer kind of mound, in a glade by the bank of a stream.
    • On the way home he wonders why he must be so queer and strange and spoil things.
    • This is a strange, queer, odd bunch - an odd assortment.
    • The rest of the group will be wearing masks called Zevala, dedicated to eccentric and queer animals from mythology.
    • So there were many types of guppies, tetra and this queer tortoise with a spout for mouth - really strange looking.
    • Dr. Strange is known for being the master of the queer and unusual dark arts of magic.
    • Some local people seem not to exactly understand Coleman's exploits that may radiate a queer mystery.
    • With a queer uncanny innocence, he seems always to have taken this one thing for granted.
    • It was a queer remark, mediaeval in its construction, but searing in its heat.
    • To me it was much more to do with irony, or some weird twisted queer sense of humour.
    • I never thought of myself as having any morals but it seems a few firmly held convictions are lurking in there somewhere, doing queer things to my stomach when someone questions their validity.
    • Now why is the right foot a weird blue and left foot a queer red?
    • A queer assortment, though such combinations are not unusual in the rural areas.
    • It enabled Guy to better understand the strange world of the Middle Sentients, the queer creatures who moved about the parallel world.
    • He said this strangely, as if it was a queer thing to be up at this hour.
    • There is a curious, not to say queer paradox here, though.
    • ‘He was always a queer man but that winter he was queerer than ever,’ remembered Black Elk.
    • A queer man he was, with a right eye that was bigger than his left - and it twitched.
  • 2argot, malsonante despectivo

    (homosexual male)
    maricón coloquial, malsonante despectivo
    marica coloquial, malsonante despectivo
  • 3Britanico coloquial

    (usually predicative) mal
    (usually predicative) indispuesto
    to feel queer encontrarse mal / indispuesto


argot, malsonante despectivo
  • 1

    maricón masculino coloquial, malsonante despectivo
    marica masculino coloquial, malsonante despectivo
    homosexual masculino
    gay masculino
    • queer bashing

Hay 2 traducciones principales de queer en Español

: queer1queer2


verbo transitivo

  • 1

    → see pitch
    • This is the time of the year, when commercial establishments queer their pitch for selling their products.
    • It would seem likely that there is at least an oral agreement that they will not start any more such lawsuits to queer the company's pitch in the corporate marketplace.
    • Nor did he want to queer his pitch with the Labour leadership, when he decided to press forward with his avowed intention to seek re-entry to the party at a later date.
    • The financial services industry has to a large extent queered its own pitch.
    • But then America and Europe queered the pitch, like they always do.