Translation of quiet in Spanish:


silencioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkwaɪət/ /ˈkwʌɪət/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(silent)

      (street) silencioso
      isn't it quiet in here! ¡qué silencio hay aquí!
      • be quiet! ¡cállate!
      • Already, she could hear the quiet, muffled noise of violins and people talking.
      • There is something very peaceful and satisfying about the sound of their quiet munching and the noise of their feet on frosty grass.
      • You can reduce this noise by selecting quiet equipment or by mounting the unit on a noise-absorbing base.
      • Microphones can suffer from distortion with very loud signals or from noise with very quiet signals.
      • The house was relatively quiet except for the noise coming from the kitchen.
      • He woke up with a start and realized that he had heard a quiet noise outside his door.
      • Earphones are put over your ears and quiet clicking noises are played to each ear.
      • No more out in the garden for a bit of peace and quiet, just noise and pollution.
      • He pulled the trembling girl into his arms, smoothing her hair and making quiet shushing noises.
      • The first thing that strikes you is the contrast between the quiet and loud noises.
      • Even at this speed the engine was still quiet and there was no road noise; only some intrusive wind noise detracted from the overall silence.
      • Even at these speeds, engine noise was quiet, with only small amounts of road and wind noise.
      • The only noise in the car was the whisperings of the two in the back seat and the quiet rumble of the engine.
      • She awoke to the sound of shuffling feet and many muffled voices whispering in tones too quiet to be heard clearly.
      • As well as giving an impressive blend of performance and economy, the new engine is also quiet.
      • Rich foliage, soft lighting and the quiet hum of the other diners' conversations create a welcoming ambience.
      • He kept his disappointments to himself, a quiet murmur of disapproval usually being as far as it went.
      • A soft noise came from inside, a quiet shuffling and a low muttering.
      • There was a quiet humming from the engines, and it quickly put me to sleep.
      • The air was hot, the night still, and, but for the gentle noises of the river, all was quiet.
      • Yet, not all places were quiet and devoid of activity on Tuesday.
      • She also blames the row on the media desperately looking for an argument in the quiet holiday period.
      • By the time the outcome is known, we will have entered the traditionally quiet summer period that usually lasts from May to September.
      • Situated on a quiet road off Botanic Avenue, this period property is close to numerous shops, schools and amenities.
      • The company has been through a quiet period over the past few years with few new models, but that is all changing with no fewer than a dozen new models due to arrive in the next five years.
      • The place is quiet, and I'm kinda excited to have my space back, but not excited enough to be glad they're gone.
      • Normally, it is a very quiet place to live with little activity, but at race time it gets very busy.
      • It's a snug, quiet place with terraced lawns leading down to the Island's best sandy beaches.
      • House prices in east-central Scotland rallied at the end of last year despite a traditionally quiet period for sales, new figures reveal.
      • Until yesterday, this was a quiet place, even while the people on either side were clearly distressed by a new and awkward tension.
      • One resident, who did not want to be named, said she had lived in the street for 11 years and it was a lovely, quiet place to live.
      • Roman Lancashire was a quiet place, but not the back water that some historians have made of it.
      • It's a quiet place and I like to be in a quiet place after a day's work.
      • According to the sources, the cuts were made to increase demand during one of the market's more quiet periods.
      • When you study on your own find a quiet place, like in your room.
      • This is the second year in a row that the quiet period between Christmas Day and New Year's Day has been shattered by a disaster.
      • When you really want to talk to someone you want to sit together in a quiet place and talk, not to be in the midst of a crowd of other people.
      • Even yesterday, when the roads were relatively quiet, stationary traffic stretched the length of Kingshill.
      • It gives apprentices exposure to different employers and employers some flexibility during quiet periods of inactivity.
      • That has changed as the island has tried to transform its carnival into an event which will bring visitors to the island during a usually quiet period.

    • 1.2(not loud)

      (engine) silencioso
      I don't mind them talking, but they have to keep it quiet no me importa que hablen, pero que lo hagan en voz baja
      • he has a very quiet voice habla muy bajo

    • 1.3(not boisterous)

      (manner) tranquilo
      (manner) sosegado
      you're very quiet today hoy estás muy callada
      • he's a quiet boy es un chico muy callado
      • we are lucky to have quiet neighbors tenemos la suerte de tener unos vecinos muy tranquilos / que hacen poco ruido

  • 2

    • 2.1(peaceful)

      let's just go for a quiet drink vamos a tomarnos tranquilamente una copa
      • all quiet here por aquí todo tranquilo / sin novedad
      • I finally bought it for him: anything for a quiet life al final se lo compré: ¡con tal de que me dejara en paz!

    • 2.2(calm, low-key)

      (fury/irony) contenido
      (scene) tranquilo
      (scene) lleno de calma
      (colors/shades) discreto
      they had a quiet wedding la boda se celebró en la intimidad
      • she dresses with quiet good taste es sobria y elegante en el vestir
      • to lead a quiet life llevar una vida tranquila
      • Simple chords, restrained riffs and quiet imagery lead to just a perfect pathos running through each and every song.
      • This is not a restrained man of quiet honour, but a proud warrior of the sea - hair flowing in the breeze.
      • Indeed, in their own quiet, understated way, that's what they've always done.
      • It is a performance of restrained frustration and quiet despair, coupled with the type of calculated ruthlessness befitting a killer.
      • His eyes, too, seemed to hide a certain understanding, the kind of cool display of quiet confidence and mystery.
      • He got the job done in his own quiet, unassuming, understated way.
      • Sweet music to the ears of his manager, who was his usual mixture of confidence and quiet sophistication on Friday as he discussed how to improve on winning the double.
      • His quiet confidence in his mates shines through.
      • Still, his success at the polls permitted his quiet confidence he was safe in the knowledge that the importance of being earnest had paid off.
      • Exuding a quiet confidence, he is obviously somebody who is sure of his own abilities, yet unpresumptuous about what the future might hold.
      • There is a quiet confidence about this exhibition; a modesty which belies the fact that it represents nothing less than a revolution.
      • The mood of this film, the quiet confidence of its telling, the gorgeous cinematography has to be seen to be understood.
      • Styling is not too flashy, yet exudes class and a quiet confidence.
      • What attracted my attention was the air of quiet confidence and serenity that emanated from her.
      • The urban Indian woman's newfound poise and quiet confidence were on show.
      • In his native heath he exudes a quiet confidence and dignity, not, however, always outside it.
      • Wendy has been giving readings since 1980, so she has earned a quiet confidence in what might work.
      • But the Scot's quiet confidence and forbearance spread to the rest of the community.
      • A pleasant, modest demeanour seems to shelter a quiet strength and confidence.
      • She always had composure, but now she carried a quiet but firm dignity.

    • 2.3(not busy)

      (day) tranquilo
      the markets were very quiet yesterday ayer no hubo mucho movimiento en la bolsa

    • 2.4(private)

      en privado
      I'd like a quiet word with you me gustaría hablar contigo en privado
      • Already, a quiet drink in the pub is forever interrupted by people rattling charity boxes.
      • It has emerged that the hotel was one of the establishments the prince favoured when he wanted to enjoy a quiet drink away from his security guards and the prying eyes of tourists.
      • It meant all thoughts of a quiet drink were shattered.
      • We spent a quiet time eating and drinking and chatting until, around 4pm, we drove Mum home.
      • It was past midnight and the place was pretty much deserted except for a couple of guys having quiet drinks at the all night bar.
      • Even though this change is now a fact we must not forget the customer who still wishes to have a quiet drink on his own or with his mates.
      • We'd just gone out for a few quiet drinks and the pub was half-empty.
      • Many travellers are denied the opportunity to enjoy a quiet drink, she added.
      • If you want a quiet drink, avoid times when the footie is on the telly.
      • If you'd prefer a quiet drink and a paperback, you might want to consider a more sedate ship.


  • 1

    silencio masculine
    • The pace is dictated by the early morning quiet of a misty golf course laid out along Georgia's ocean coast.
    • However, in order to do that, you have got to have relative calm or quiet.
    • We were rewarded with the sound of calling Whooping Cranes piercing the quiet of the early morning, then a close fly over.
    • The calm quiet of where I was beckoned me to linger a little longer.
    • I'm breakfasting on vanilla tea and toasted challah as I write this, enjoying the temporary quiet of a Sunday morning in NYC.
    • The quiet of the morning and the dark really got to Cassie as she hugged her jacket tighter to her small form.
    • The cotton fields lay quiet in the hot morning sun; not even a gust of wind disturbed them.
    • So there I am, out in the quiet of the morning, ripping up weeds, listening to birds singing their hearts out, drinking in the smell of freshly turned earth.
    • The quiet in the apartment was calming, refreshing.
    • It was the strangest sense, there was just quiet, no hysteria, no noise, no crying out.
    • Each morning of their journey dawned grey, deadly quiet, and expectant.
    • The air was still and calm, the forest quiet but for the sounds of small animals, making their way from tree to tree.
    • The stillness and quiet of the night made the place seem almost reverent, as if something long ago had happened here.
    • It was a cold spring morning and the city was deadly quiet.
    • I live downtown because I don't want that kind of peace and quiet.
    • That begs the question, what kind of an idiot moves into a building next to a nightclub expecting peace and quiet?
    • Now elderly people at the centre are able to enjoy the herbs, flowers, flowing water and wind chimes when they need some peace and quiet.
  • 2

    (peace, tranquillity)
    tranquilidad feminine
    calma feminine
    sosiego masculine
    • Their need for peace and quiet must be respected.
    • Once the gardens are finished, they will be open to the public free of charge on condition that visitors respect the peace and quiet of the hall as a place of retreat.
    • I was desperate for an evening of peace and quiet, and a bit of easy entertainment, but I was being denied it.
    • In the guest room Tess has been given, her peace and quiet has been disturbed by a group of women all talking at once.
    • They should be allowed to live in peace and quiet.
    • The thing is, I don't think I'm particularly sensitive, though I'll be the first to admit I like peace and quiet.
    • Personally, I love riding on trains that are nearly empty, just as my favourite pubs are the ones that no one else likes and where I can get a bit of peace and quiet.
    • I have a right to live in peace and quiet like any human being.
    • On the other side, from his family's perspective, he just simply wanted some peace and quiet.
    • I like to read and mind my own business in peace and quiet.
    • Husband Brian offered no sympathy but couldn't wait for the peace and quiet.
    • They just want some peace and quiet to reflect, or to lose themselves in a good novel, poem or piece of fine music - in a word to think.
    • I was glad when the three hours were over any my package was ready for collection, so I could come back home and work in peace and quiet.
    • Enjoying the peace and quiet of a nice chair is one of life's few pleasures.
    • Once we get to dinner time the peace and quiet is shattered by three ravening teenagers all demanding food and demanding it now.
    • I was suffering from cabin fever and longing for some peace and quiet.
    • I'm looking forward to having my own room back because I'm fed up of having nowhere to go to be alone in peace and quiet.
    • The greatest luxury of having an office in the house is the peace and quiet, and no valuable time wasted commuting.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (uproar/protests) acallar
    (class) hacer callar
    (class) imponer silencio en
    • She flashes me a brief look of annoyance, quieting me, then changing her demeanor to once again calm and composed, she continues with her explanation.
    • Soon everybody quieted down, and remained silent as we tried to figure out where to go to next.
    • His silences often precede a weighty thought though I doubt the rattling in his head ever quiets.
    • The audience quiets down as John slowly turns and stares at one general spot in the crowd.
    • As the play begins, everyone quiets down and behaves.
    • His mind quiets, his muscles begin to un-knit, and his posture resumes something closer to normal rather than poised and defensive.
    • It quiets the mind, so you can let thoughts enter your consciousness and then be released without the compulsive need to worry or take action.
    • Nick stands up, which quiets both of the younger men at once.
    • Elinor quiets herself, and determines to act cheerful and normal.
    • The commotion gradually quiets down and the judge looks at the jury.
    • After a few whistles and catcalls, the hubbub quiets to a tolerable level.
    • As I come out with a stack of napkins and some plates, their conversation quiets and dies down, and we all eat.
    • I mean, the dog is as big as her on his forelegs and she quiets him with a touch.
    • It is only when the film quiets down that some minor hiss is audible but it is hardly bothersome.
    • Folk tunes rest easy in a sharp, modern arrangement that rouses and quiets with equal success.
  • 2

    (horse/person) tranquilizar
    (fear/suspicion) disipar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (music) disminuir de volumen
    (music) bajar de volumen
    (room) quedarse en silencio
  • 2

    (become calmer)
    (person/animal) tranquilizarse
    (wind/storm) amainar
    (wind/storm) calmarse