Translation of quincentenary in Spanish:


quinto centenario, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkwɪnsɛnˈtɛnəri/ /kwɪnˈsɛn(t)əˌnɛri/ /ˌkwɪnsɛnˈtiːn(ə)ri/ /ˌkwɪnsɛnˈtɛn(ə)ri/

nounplural quincentenaries

  • 1

    quinto centenario masculine
    the quincentenary celebrations las celebraciones del quinto centenario
    • The quincentenary is a significant public event and the Royal Mail has a tradition of recognising significant institutions who have contributed to the public good.
    • Many books, published just before the quincentenary of Columbus's arrival in this continent in 1492, ignore the destructive influence of Columbus's arrival.
    • The series goes a long way toward explaining, if inadvertently, why the quincentenary turned into a fiasco.
    • A few years ago, writing a biography of Christopher Columbus for the quincentenary of his discoveries, I came across a wonderful Spanish term - querencia - usually translated as ‘love of home’.
    • 1992 marked the quincentenary of Columbus' first landfall in America, and led to a spate of conferences, exhibitions, and books reflecting on the complex legacy of the Genoese navigator's voyage.
    • The exhibition coincides with the quincentenary of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.
    • An infamous example was the quincentenary of Columbus in Santo Domingo in 1992.