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concurso, n.

Pronunciación /kwɪz/

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nombreplural quizzes

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    concurso masculino
    • It is where I went to school, go to Church, sometimes shop, am involved in a pub quiz team, and where I stood twice in District Council elections.
    • I realise that I have been blessed with an exceptionally absorbent and retentive memory - oh you want me on your pub quiz team!
    • Next Tuesday a general knowledge quiz open to teams of four will be held.
    • I've always been a whiz at quizzes - I've won countless pub quizzes and company competitions, as well as a national quiz contest as a child.
    • The most perfect evening I had recently was being on the winning team in a pub quiz in a London club.
    • The couple took over the pub two years ago and have managed to attract new customers through activities such as music evenings, a quiz night and pub sports.
    • People will be able to test their general knowledge at a quiz night.
    • And there's a quiz testing your knowledge of the shuttle program's 24-year history.
    • To add to the excitement, a children's entertainer, competitions, quizzes and refreshments were included in the morning's entertainment.
    • Radio presenters will travel across the county to report on the progress of quiz teams playing in pubs, clubs, churches, community halls, workplaces and at home.
    • Seven teams from around the Diocese competed in the quiz.
    • On Monday, the farmhands were tested on their agricultural knowledge in a farmyard quiz.
    • The teams were chosen by means of a quiz with the individuals gaining the highest scores in each age group successfully making the team.
    • This chap was a quiz-show fanatic who had won a national quiz competition when he was a child.
    • The team winning the quiz contest will get a cash prize of Rs.1 lakh and the second prize-winner, Rs.50,000.
    • Even the quiz competition focussed on nutrition and health.
    • Then on the following Wednesday, December 5, there'll be a quiz night for teams of four.
    • For the first time in many years we have a quiz team in the final.
    • At the end of your journey you can test your knowledge with a short quiz.
    • With a total of 80 questions, the fundraising quiz tests local knowledge covering everything from local history to culture and sport in the area.
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    (on TV, radio)
    concurso masculino
    quiz night noche de concursos
  • 3EEUU

    prueba femenino
    • In addition to the daily quizzes, student learning was evaluated by three in-class examinations and a final presentation by each student of an article to the entire class.
    • Students are assessed through three problem-solving quizzes and three multiple-choice examinations.
    • One of the things that my students get the most use from are the interactive quizzes that I have written to help them study for the tests.
    • The majority of users were course directors, and they were the ones primarily responsible for developing quizzes and examinations.
    • To evaluate understanding of lecture content, students took weekly quizzes.
    • The computer shuts down students' access to quizzes or activities after the deadlines pass.
    • From the start to the end of the semester, students took the online quizzes 1,735 times, which correlated to 77 percent of the class taking every available quiz.
    • Over the course of the semester, students take 13 weekly quizzes and the highest 10 count in their course grade.
    • The school offers end of chapter quizzes as well as examinations.
    • The quiz serves to evaluate students' knowledge of medication indications, dosages, monitoring, and side effects.
    • They show that most approaches to using on-line tests, quizzes, and other evaluations suffer from increased student willingness to cheat.
    • The instructor uses this website to post supplementary information and online quizzes.
    • The student may review the quiz to see which questions were missed, and is then directed to the lesson chapter from which the question was taken.
    • The students who were present for all three quizzes had significantly higher overall test scores than other students.
    • The highest rated features included communication among students and faculty, online graded quizzes, and the self-study feature with the option to work on the compact disk at home.
    • The coordinating Web site offers detailed written explanations, hands-on activities, resources and computer-graded quizzes.
    • Authors reported that students demonstrated increased achievement on quizzes and improved interest and engagement.
    • Examinations should be given routinely and include simple quizzes, a midterm examination, and a final examination.

verbo transitivo quizzing, quizzed, quizzed

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    (suspect/informant) interrogar
    (suspect/informant) someter a un interrogatorio
    everyone quizzed her about her new boyfriend todo el mundo le hacía preguntas sobre su nuevo novio
    • Police have been granted an extra 24 hours to quiz a man in connection with the murder.
    • According to the survey, bosses thought the most effective method of reducing absence was ‘return to work’ interviews, whereby a returning employee is quizzed about the illness.
    • Why can't the paper just say that a suspect is being questioned, rather than quizzed?
    • But when he was quizzed about the murder, he told police the victim had ‘impaled himself’ on the knife when he took it out of his college folder to try to avoid being beaten up.
    • The poll quizzed south-east Londoners on what they treasure most and least about the UK, in an attempt to find out what the UK's national treasure is.
    • He is being quizzed by murder squad detectives.
    • Detectives have been given extra time to quiz a murder suspect over the fatal stabbing of a local man.
    • During the session, prosecution lawyers quizzed customs officers from Tokyo Airport with 91 questions.
    • Children have been firing questions to their new friends by email, quizzing them on how long it takes to get to class and what a typical school meal is made up of.
    • They found that those interviewed on Friday appeared significantly happier than those quizzed at the beginning of the week.
    • By contrast, only 10 per cent quizzed during the poll identified malicious hackers as the largest threat to security.
    • Detectives have quizzed pupils in relation to the attack.
    • Teachers in Hull will be quizzed about their pupils' bad behaviour in a survey into classroom violence.
    • A study quizzed 1,000 UK shoppers of both sexes and all ages.
    • Our survey also found that 75 per cent of those quizzed knew three or more of their neighbours.
    • Two in five of those quizzed reckon their IT department will prevent them from falling victim to threats such as spyware and phishing.
    • Eight-four per cent of organisations quizzed in a survey out today blamed human error ‘either wholly or in part’ for their last major security breach.
    • Sixty per cent of the women quizzed for the study said they thought they would hit a glass ceiling in their own career, and apparently 31 per cent of employers agreed.
    • Almost half of firms quizzed said they would be interested to use it to market their own products and services.
    • It seems only 14 per cent of those quizzed said they felt guilty using the Internet at work for personal reasons.
  • 2EEUU

    (students/class) poner una prueba a
    (students/class) hacer una prueba a
    • One part of the exams was an oral test where pupils were quizzed by two professors of the institution.
    • The entire course consists of ten booklets that teach a skill, then quiz the student on information recently learned.
    • The teacher has handed out worksheets describing the weapons and siege engines which could have been used, and she is quizzing pupils about them.
    • It gives an overview of British society and history and devotes chapters to the eight topics that candidates will be quizzed on in the test.
    • There was only a fifty percent chance that they'd actually get quizzed on the material tomorrow, but she couldn't chance it.
    • Along the way, the automatic tutor would quiz the student and respond to questions, much as a human tutor does.