Translation of rabbi in Spanish:


rabí, n.

Pronunciation /ˈræˌbaɪ/ /ˈrabʌɪ/

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nounplural rabbis

  • 1

    (as title) rabí masculine, feminine
    rabino masculine
    rabina feminine
    • When a community accepts a rabbi as their religious leader, his decisions are binding in all cases.
    • Every now and then the loudspeakers burst into life and one of the rabbis or the religious leaders inside relays a message to those outside to tell them to keep up the fight, to keep being strong.
    • Those rabbis, priests, imams, gurus and other religious leaders have had it good too long.
    • Talk with your rabbi, priest, pastor or other spiritual leader about resources.
    • Our ecumenical outreach was limited, and I don't remember visits to our home by Jewish rabbis or Catholic priests.
    • There are, the report said, rabbis and imams in Jewish and Muslim neighborhoods.
    • Women's active presence this past week was a sign of change, as was the presence of many rabbis and leaders of other faiths.
    • Since the Middle Ages, rabbis served as spiritual leaders of communities.
    • Most are too insecure to consult a rabbi or join a religious community.
    • They did not take the time to find out which pastor or rabbi was a leader in an area and which congregations people attended.
    • We hold dialogues and discussion groups with all faiths and enjoy the opportunity to work alongside of rabbis, ministers, preachers and priests everywhere.
    • Jewish rabbis and Islamic imams derive their authority from their mastery of a specific set of religious legal texts and the application of those texts to everyday life.
    • A rabbi differs from clergymen in other religions in a number of ways.
    • Pastors, ministers, rabbis, imans, etc influence large audiences in their weekly sermons.
    • He regularly has clerics, rabbis and priests on for spirited debate.
    • The argument is effectively advocating locking up priests, rabbis and imams for doing nothing more than professing their beliefs.
    • The day after my father died, his rabbi came to talk to the family in preparation for the funeral.
    • Mullahs, priests, rabbis - the business of religion was traditionally the males.
    • Perhaps his father served as a community rabbi and he naturally chose the same calling.
    • If only all priests and mullahs and rabbis exercised the same responsibility and rigour in their pronouncements.