Traducción de Rabelaisian en Español:


rabelesiano, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌræbəˈleɪziən/ /ˌræbəˈleɪʒən/ /ˌrabəˈleɪzɪən/


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    • But his own description of life's eternal bounciness seems to me much more gaily Rabelaisian than is the novel as a whole.
    • The characters in this novel are representational, especially since they are given to us in larger-than-life Rabelaisian caricature.
    • Her appetites were as spirited as his and released an almost Rabelaisian exuberance in them both.
    • He was also a man of Rabelaisian appetites, fiercely loyal friendships, and great good humour.