Translation of radical in Spanish:


radical, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrædək(ə)l/ /ˈradɪk(ə)l/

Definition of radical in Spanish


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    (change/difference/reform) radical
    radical surgery cirugía radical
    • Both groups would be affected by a radical change in the business climate.
    • Are the arguments of those who predict a radical change in the nature of 21st century wars that groundless after all?
    • The people are exhausted from the radical changes that affect their way of life.
    • This will undergo a radical change, with an extension to the northbound M606 and a new routing system around it.
    • But even here, the radical change began with federal courts taking major areas of public policy away from state legislatures.
    • ‘This marks a radical change in the paradigm for selling time on television networks,’ he says.
    • The proposal makes sweeping, radical changes in the law, but the regulatory analysis does not reflect them.
    • There have been radical changes in the regulation of air travel, from a newly federalized security system to tighter restrictions on what items can be brought onto a plane.
    • ‘The question,’ he added, ‘is whether the Executive is actually up for radical change?’
    • Efforts to improve air quality in York are not radical enough to make a real difference, councillors have claimed.
    • It could be many years before the conditions are such that a radical reform of Social Security is possible.
    • The rest of the time, they assumed that economic rationalism implies support for radical free-market reform.
    • The reason for this kind of fear-mongering is obvious: it's a way to gin up support for radical reforms.
    • Yet not a single political party is uncompromisingly committed to the sort of programme of radical reform which would rectify these horrific wrongs.
    • As a result of these classes, Emmy made the radical decision to abandon school teaching and make a career as a mathematician.
    • Meanwhile, dams associated with hydroelectric plants can cause radical disruption of area ecosystems.
    • Des Ball says the Intelligence system needs radical overhaul.
    • Fourth, the tax system needs radical reform.
    • Thailand combined the introduction of universal access to subsidised health care with a radical shift in funding away from urban hospitals to primary care.
    • The essential elements of power remained the same without a radical shift in strategy or force structure.
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    (politician/policy) radical
    (writer) de ideas radicales
    (writer) de tendencia radical
    • Wales has always had strong left wing and radical political parties and leaders.
    • She has been the most radical advocate of the party's adoption of an independent stance in elections.
    • Hard-liners formed a radical political party, more extremist than any other.
    • Their passivity is a reflection of the lack of cohesiveness among social groups and radical parties.
    • But they were captives of the extreme radical elements in their party, for whom the Green movement was not essentially a political cause but a spiritual one.
    • The more radical Jewish political activists have been involved in unions and socialism.
    • He's accused of supporting extremists or radical groups in other countries as well.
    • So we can have all sorts of radical parties in politics making change there.
    • For socialist and radical parties and movements, 1968 saw a mushrooming in their number and members.
    • But history shows that protests are organized first by militant, radical fringe parties and then get taken over by more centrist voices as the movement grows.
    • She was supported by all the left and radical parties including the NSSP as well as all the various bourgeois and petty bourgeois Tamil parties.
    • Born in 1856, he became a radical social reformer who preached the adage of ‘one caste, one God and one religion for all men’.
    • His billionaire wife is remembered either as very religious or beautiful, but certainly not as a radical political activist.
    • The Left Bloc began by bringing together people from different traditions of the radical left in Portugal.
    • In addition, radical students espousing forms of Marxism, some combined with religious political rhetoric, joined the disaffected.
    • A radical working class carried out a general strike in 1917 and provoked two states of siege.
    • Later it emerged that they belonged to the radical left-wing organisation November 17.
    • Western colonies of radical workers sprang up in the 1880s and 1890s.
    • It was an explicit invitation to the radical students to direct their criticism at the highest leaders of the Party and the State.
  • 3

    (new and daring)
    (technique/theory) innovador
    (technique/theory) radicalmente nuevo
    • Given the extent to which it is taken for granted today, it can be difficult to fully appreciate the truly innovative and radical approach Frege took to logic.
    • The resulting album attracted two nominations in the Radio 2 folk awards with its radical approach to traditional music.
    • She calls for a radical re-examination of traditional approaches to accountability, transparency and press freedom.
    • At the time of launch the collaboration between the news and current affairs departments was a radical approach.
    • A radical agenda and innovative ideas for a second term of Labour-led government are being thrashed out by ministers and senior party figures in private this weekend.
    • A radical alternative to this approach, one that would expose patients to the full price of drugs, is reference pricing.
    • We will need a fresh and radical approach capable of reaching millions, not thousands, of voters.
    • For most teachers, then, doing things that make a difference would mean working in radical ways within a mainstream school.
    • That's when the American Medical Association published a radical new recommendation - most Americans should be taking vitamins.
    • When von Neumann proposed this architecture in 1945, it was a radical idea.
    • Moore's law is not concerned with radical new technologies that could have a dramatic effect.
    • Here we would like to entertain the more radical idea that the underlying laws governing those individual phenomena are themselves of statistical origin.
    • Road pricing is a radical solution that primarily is about securing allocative efficiency of scarce resources, namely road space.
    • These twin notions are neither new nor radical, but are rooted in core American values.
    • First, let's mandate a radical redesign of that core user of oil, the automobile.
    • This is not such a radical thought; rhythms characterize all living systems, indeed, differentiate them from the non-living.
    • It is unfortunate that most people are not in a position to come into contact, let alone sympathize, with radical musical ideas.
    • His early 1980s TV show seemed radical at the time.
    • But in New York, the gifted young sculptor became a sort of society vanguardist whose soigne work was rooted in radical ideas that he made palatable.
    • Many of the widely known Chinese artists presented variations - some slight, some radical - on the type of work that made their reputation.


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    radical masculine, feminine
    • The party has not tried to disguise its new deregulatory approach, which is causing unease among party radicals.
    • I try to be a radical in political and social ways, but I'm a terrible conservative when it comes to technology.
    • Rohm was not really a social or political radical.
    • It was founded by radicals who had been members of the Socialist Workers Party or other political tendencies that had left that organization.
    • Throughout American history, reformers and radicals have addressed social problems through civil disobedience and non-violent resistance.
    • It was used to crack down on radicals and political dissenters after anarchists exploded a bomb outside the home of Attorney General Mitchell Palmer in 1919.
    • A subsequent case failed, thanks largely to protests by French political radicals.
    • Throughout our nation's history, radicals and reformers have viewed their movements as profoundly patriotic.
    • The political radicals who ran the French Revolution from 1793 abolished the concept of weeks altogether.
    • Chao was surrounded by the ideas of political radicals and heard songs of protest sung beneath a portrait of Che Guevara.
    • Indeed not every eighteenth-century American supported slavery, and some political radicals were extremely critical of the practice.
    • However politically accommodating the radicals are prepared to be, any talk of defending workers interests is enough to send the union leaders into a frenzy.
    • The parliamentary Greens went along with the radicals because they knew if they didn't the radicals would splinter the party.
    • The advisors also discover that she was a political radical in her youth.
    • Miller was neither a social radical nor a pioneer of scientific thought.
    • He attributed the rise of radicals more to social tensions that followed the 1998 economic and political crisis.
    • He was essentially a middle-class radical rather than a champion of the working-class claim to representation in parliament.
    • Hidden within the morally outraged and civilly disobedient radical, in other words, was the soul of a wronged decision theorist.
    • I still remember the confusion I felt the day that a female member of the Dartmouth SDS told me that the only campus radical I considered cool was a male chauvinist.
    • Because she's a radical, in the true sense: striking at the root.
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    radical masculine
    • Examples of compounds or groups that accept anions include the nitrate and hydroxide radicals.
    • Marcel Nicolet resolved some of this discrepancy by showing how reactive molecular fragments called radicals convert ozone molecules back into O 2.
    • Subsequent oxidation-reduction reactions can also produce superoxide anions, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals.
    • The superoxide anion radical is capable of causing as much cellular damage as singlet oxygen.
    • The hydroxyl radical is very damaging and can react with many substances.