Translation of rainwater in Spanish:


agua de lluvia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈreɪnˌwɔdər/ /ˈreɪnˌwɑdər/ /ˈreɪnwɔːtə/


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    (with masculine article in the singular) agua de lluvia feminine
    • It also disrupts the water table by preventing rainwater from seeping down through the soil.
    • The proposal for digging rain pits to store rainwater may look good on paper.
    • Let the pots stand in a saucer of water, ideally rainwater, then let them dry off a bit over the winter.
    • They took a sample in the rain catchment areas where rainwater would have washed down.
    • While one half of the marsh receives saline water, the other half is filled with natural rainwater.
    • Recycled rainwater will be used to flush the toilets and water the gardens.
    • The trees around her all dripped with rainwater after the sudden downpour that took place only fifteen minutes ago.
    • This will effectively help the swift drainage of rainwater during heavy downpours.
    • They get their water from a big trough replenished by rainwater from the roof gutter on the barn.
    • Next time it rains, these students can go to the centre and see for themselves how rainwater can be harvested.
    • It is heated and cooled using the power from the nearby lake and solar panels on the roof, and the toilets are flushed using rainwater.
    • Maintenance is required to stop rainwater getting into the structure and corroding the steel framework of the tower.
    • The resin found its way into the trading estate's balancing pond, which catches rainwater from roofs and car parks.
    • The issue is a relatively simple one: namely, how the city should deal with rainwater.
    • Families in a south Essex village today called for urgent action after rainwater and sewage flooded their homes.
    • A length of wooden guttering ran along the front, with a downspout at the end for disposing of rainwater.
    • Parts of the centre of York flooded as rainwater raised the level of the River Ouse flowing through the city.
    • I wandered around a bit and ended up by the two big tanks that collect rainwater from our roof.
    • For nine months they drifted in an open boat across the Pacific, surviving on rainwater and raw fish.
    • The barrel itself stood outside collecting rainwater in which Andrew washed his white hair.