Translation of rand in Spanish:


rand, n.

Pronunciation /rænd/ /rand/

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nounplural rand

  • 1

    rand masculine
    • When the bid failed the rand fell against the dollar and shares dropped by 0.7 percent.
    • The South African currency lost more than a rand against the US dollar on Thursday alone.
    • A surge in gold prices and a broadly weaker U.S. dollar had supported the rand's recent rally.
    • In trading on currency markets Thursday, the rand was trading at 7.5 rands per American dollar.
    • Early diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems will ultimately save South Africa billions of rands.
    • South African truck drivers are particularly preferred because they give rands or United States dollars.
    • When the rand began to slide in 1996, then governor of the Reserve Bank Chris Stals sold dollars to buy rands.
    • In 1960 a new decimalized currency of rands and cents replaced sterling.
    • Visser was somewhat skeptical about the earnings from the auction because of the strengthening of the rand against the US dollar.
    • The mining bosses blame the strong rand, saying South Africa has gone from the cheapest large-scale producer of gold to the most expensive.
    • Regardless of what the US dollar does, the rand will only improve again when South African workers have learned what productivity is.
    • Grain SA chairman Bully Botma said the recovery of the rand against the dollar over the past few days had led to a significant reduction in grain prices.
    • The plunge of the rand against the dollar and the pound is going to worsen.
    • We need to respond as global citizens as we did over the tsunami last year where even here in South Africa poor rural children donated their few rands and cents to assist children half a planet away.
    • The governor said the key objective for pegging the Namibian dollar to the rand is to ensure prices are in line with South Africa, which is Namibia's major trading partner.
    • But exporters now grumble that the strength of the South African rand against the dollar and euro is hurting business, especially for prized ostrich leather.
    • Comparison with the land occupations in neighbouring Zimbabwe gave rise to nervousness amongst business investors in South Africa and the rand sank to a new low against the US dollar.
    • The company says its profits fell by 21 percent and blames it on the strength of the South African rand against the U.S. dollar.
    • Arabs are taking advantage of the weakness of the rand to travel to South Africa.
    • He said strong exports will mean that the South African rand will stay stable against the US dollar.
    • Farmers in the Western Cape have already been given millions of rands in drought relief.
    • She is facing charges of fraud and theft after allegedly defrauding parliament of millions of rands.
    • He also said game farmers, who generated millions of rands in revenue for Limpopo, were not being given any help at all.
    • It is most unfortunate that the strike will cost the country hundreds of millions of rands, and the human cost will be even higher.
    • Ostrich farmers have already suffered millions of rands in losses.