Translation of random in Spanish:


al azar, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrændəm/ /ˈrandəm/


  • 1

    (testing/choice) al azar
    (shot) hecho al azar
    (bullet) perdido
    (sample) aleatorio
    (sample) seleccionado al azar
    random sample muestra aleatoria
    • random sampling muestreo aleatorio
    • What is now required is to go beyond looking at what happened as a random event.
    • We don't want a list of random facts that just happen to be true of all the languages that are spoken now.
    • He becomes the victim of random violence, and is beaten to death by street thugs.
    • This is not just a random grab at topicality but a surprisingly cogent decision.
    • His stories do not conclude, but simply stop dead with a random act of violence.
    • In a changing world we have become used to random acts of senseless violence.
    • No conclusion can be drawn from her death other than that random acts of violence can happen anywhere.
    • Here we studied the relationship between random happenings and the natural order of things.
    • They were weighted and thought out and they weren't random sporadic decisions.
    • When I'm forced to make a decision, I'll often use some random means to help me make up my mind.
    • In science, observations are not any random facts that investigators happen to have registered.
    • Some deaths may be attributed to domestic violence or random crime.
    • Disappointingly, the survey reveals that random violence is increasing.
    • It shows that life for many prisoners is one of drug addiction, random violence and long periods spent locked up in their cells.
    • Sometimes I just get random thoughts in my head, and these can happen at the worst possible times.
    • So basing any decision on what is most likely to be a random share price pattern is in reality like pouring money down the drain.
    • I busied myself with some random fruit at the vegie markets while casually looking back at him.
    • The journey was relatively silent, aside from the random clearing of throats.
    • We like to work on the songs so that they're not just random power chords.
    • This sampling error causes random fluctuations in allele frequencies called genetic drift.
    • The four conditions occurred in a random order and with equal probability within each block of trials.
    • Results are based on statistically valid random samples of members and are rigorously audited.
    • This has made the whole process of ensuring a random sample more difficult.
    • So even if one starts with a random sample, the sample can end up being greatly biased by way of the limited response.
    • In a random sample of 1,150 Orkney people, Smith was not common enough to make it into the top ten list.