Translation of ranking in Spanish:


ranking, n.

Pronunciation /ˈræŋkɪŋ/ /ˈraŋkɪŋ/

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    ranking masculine
    clasificación feminine
    • In any ranking of political systems over the last hundred years or so Australia would have to be very close to the top.
    • The process of valuation and ranking obviously assumes the work, and implications, of a canon.
    • That community may desire competitive ranking of scholarship rather than benchmarking of quality.
    • What this appears to mean is that the new WPR system for pilot ranking has been accepted, but modified slightly.
    • For more details on how the industry is reshaping, refer to DF's 2002 ranking of dairy processors.
    • The natural desire for social ranking is satisfied by a hierarchy of authority and recognition that honors people for their public service.
    • The patterns for other health authority performance indicators are similar, and the magnitude and direction of the errors in ranking may be systematic.
    • Hong Kong ranked first in Fortune's annual ranking of the best cities for business in Asia this year, the international magazine said in a statement Wednesday.
    • Isn't there some official ranking of economics departments?
    • Where does the Myrtles rank in the ranking of haunted places in the US?
    • He did the best that could be done, and the course now ranks 11 th in Golf Digest's ranking of courses in Georgia.
    • The distinction between ranking and classification is an important one, even if it is lost on many in higher education.
    • The third research question asked whether there was a relationship between status and ranking of traits.
    • It is important to note that the pre-qualification process for the Queensway-Carleton Hospital Project did not involve ranking of the successful contractors.
    • An alternative point of comparison is Towe's ranking of accounting, finance and commerce departments over the period 1990 to 1994.
    • I can't off-hand think of any non-competitive system that can establish this, since the act of ranking is competitive in itself.
    • The U.S. is first in this year's ranking of the world's most competitive economies.
    • The surveys from other websites at various times may not have the same rankings.
    • Why else would he point to the Macleans rankings which I posted on a few days ago?
    • Victory at the Deutsche Bank championship lifts Singh to number one in the world rankings.
    • He is hoping to improve on these rankings this season and, if all goes to plan, break into the top 500.
    • With descent in the rankings comes the withdrawal of privileges, such as the exemptions for the majors.
    • Indeed, so far as the Masters is concerned, the rankings appear to be essentially meaningless.
    • He's ranked 13, but for six consecutive years he was untouchable at the top of the rankings.
    • That, by a remarkable coincidence, is the minimum requirement for inclusion in the rankings.
    • But since tennis became truly global, it has been reflected in the world rankings.
    • The company has set up leagues on the web, which include player rankings.
    • Further reform will tighten the rankings given to schools by inspectors.
    • The report is backed up by disappointing rankings in the world's top 500 universities.
    • Despite his gradual ascent up the World Cup rankings, his lifestyle has remained far from glamorous.
    • Scotland are now beneath Jamaica and Zimbabwe in world football rankings.
    • Small is currently ranked 37 in the world, a grim reminder of just how far he has slipped down the rankings.
    • At his peak, he was ranked fourth in the British rankings for the 5,000 metres.
    • I try not to think about the rankings but you can't help it because everyone keeps talking about them.
    • As variation in performance evaluation increases, so does the impact on the student's final ranking.
    • Mauresmo is projected to equal her career-best ranking of fourth.
    • The surprise was that the Gators' top-five ranking through early March was due in part to the upperclass play of freshmen Matt Walsh and Anthony Roberson.


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    (before noun) de grado superior
    (before noun) de grado más alto
    • He burst into the room with a frantic look on his face, and found the nearest high ranking officer.
    • Mr. King and the others climbed out of the car and addressed the highest ranking officer.
    • The lower ranking officer retaliates by slapping the foot solider next to him.
    • Johnson was now the ranking officer and the responsibility was his to make sure the men made it home safely.
    • He doesn't take it out on her, he takes it out on the lower ranking officers!
    • Many of the high ranking officers take a course, to have a better understanding of their suspect, and victims.
    • And now, you've killed one of the highest ranking officers in his entire armada!
    • Why is it that we can't pick up the morning paper or listen to the news on the way to work without hearing about a new indictment of a top ranking officer?
    • Inside he was greeted by Admiral Hawkinson and several other high ranking officers that Jack knew of and was friendly towards.
    • Imagine the fallout if they kill Bremer or a ranking officer.
    • And my senior ranking officer ended up being my boss after I came home.
    • Marty sits around clenching his fists repeatedly, checking his weapons and running around for higher ranking officers.
    • Many years as a ranking officer had given Jim the ability to spot hero worship, but the service was designed to prevent that from becoming a problem.
    • You guys are about to write a story that says the former attorney general, the highest ranking law enforcement officer in this country, is a crook.
    • I'd hate to have to kill one of my top ranking officers.
    • As ranking officer on the afternoon of 1 July 1863 at the Battle of Gettysburg, he briefly commanded all Federal forces on the field.
    • As soon as his polished black boots hit the floor, the highest ranking officer in sight shouted ‘Captain on deck!’
    • He is a ranking officer in the United States Air Force.
    • Titus and Owen, as the ranking officers, really had little choice.
    • I recognised all of them as some of the higher ranking figures in the racing industry.