Translation of rapture in Spanish:


éxtasis, n.

Pronunciation /ˈræptʃər/ /ˈraptʃə/


  • 1

    éxtasis masculine
    arrobamiento masculine literary
    embeleso masculine
    to be in raptures over sth estar extasiado con algo
    • she went into raptures over the painting se deshizo en elogios para con el cuadro
    • the novel sent the critics into raptures la novela fue un gran éxito de crítica
    • In her youth Queen Victoria listened with rapture to the impressive and glorious music of the great oratorios rendered in the Minster.
    • While he hasn't put a title to his collection, one cannot miss the sense of rapture and enchantment that the paintings seem to convey.
    • Music can impart in us a feeling of melancholy and sorrow, rapture and euphoria.
    • Her body would spasm with joyous rapture at the mere thought of it.
    • I whooped and hollered as I pumped on the accelerator, and the girls squealed with joyful rapture.
    • In the late '70s, anticipation would have had us in near rapture waiting for another Annie Hall or Manhattan, but alas we have entered a new century, and cynicism is the order of the day.
    • With rapture, I also noticed there were special ‘milk’ and ‘water’ buttons to aid my learning curve.
    • The frontal lobe is the seat of concentration and attention; the limbic system is where powerful feelings, including rapture, are processed.
    • The Westport contingent in the stadium was in rapture as Eamon was declared the winner, another title for St. Annes but they werent finished there.
    • In this painting, joy, rapture, release, and escape are all terms that become important, even if their value is always of the verge of becoming equivocal.
    • Shelley went into rapture when he saw a wandering cloud and he celebrated the moment with a song.
    • Standing beneath that wall, I let my fantasy enclose me in rapture.
    • She took tea with her remaining admirers, but in the age of beat poetry and the apolitical pursuit of rapture, seemed something of a relic.
    • It would now be impossible to imagine a repeat of July 1914 when crowds in Vienna erupted into rapture as war was declared.
    • Each performer was wrapped up in the world of the music, and their rapture quickly spread to the audience.
    • The alcohol and the gyrating male bodies onstage combine to bring the women to a state of frenzied rapture.
    • I was fascinated by roller coasters even then so after a couple of rides on it with my Dad my rapture just multiplied.
    • Every one of them was involved in the build up to the goal which sent the reinvigorated fans into rapture.
    • Tuesday's first night performance at the Festival Theatre was greeted with rapture by a large audience who were enthralled by the Wales Theatre Company's interpretation.
    • She had that almost vacant-eyed look of the other girls, lost in rapture over the chords and fueled by the music.
    • A lady went into raptures about the cheeseboard, and the complexity of the flavour of the mature cheddar.
    • It would be easy to go into raptures about the role and the film, set in working-class London of 1950.
    • Retired All-Black Murray Mexted, commentating on TV during the last match, was in raptures.
    • In this, he receives the support of those sections of the Russian intelligentsia who went into raptures about Gorbachev at the end of the 1980s.
    • Conlon's rocket sent his side's supporters into raptures but O'Donohoe held his nerve to cut short the Sligo side's premature celebrations.
    • Edinburgh's food lovers are in raptures over Crolla's new project - and rightly so
    • It was a performance that had local commentators in raptures, and speculating that next October, when she makes her debut at the Hawaii Ironman, she could make quite an impact.
    • But while archaeologists are still in raptures over the images, mostly depicting animals, trust chiefs running the site believe it could spell great things for the area.
    • Normally, a 13 point victory over the old enemy would have Mayo people in raptures, but when the final whistle went in Garrymore, their was a mild air of disappointment among the home fans.
    • Gary's smashing of the 21-year-old record has sent the gaming world into raptures, because many thought 389,770 was a high score that would never be beaten.
    • As ever, his arrogance and ignorance grated on everyone who cannot abide him, and left those who adore him (mainly confined to some quarters of the United States) in raptures.
    • Her subjects, just yards away, were in raptures.
    • The home crowd were in raptures, cries of ‘Ole Ole’ echoing around the stadium as their players lined up to pepper the Thistle goal.
    • The thrills sent the men, women and children into raptures.
    • But it's not just the music that had the audience in raptures - it's the sheer exuberance of their stage performance.
    • When we return home and develop the photographs, our friends and relatives go into raptures over the scenery and the landscape.
    • This explanation from the magician had the audience in raptures.
    • More to the point, while the food was never likely to send either of us into raptures, it was certainly well above average, and very sensibly priced.
    • The highlight of the day, however, was a mimicry show by cine actor, Jayaram, which left the students in raptures.
    • A little while later, Katrina arrived and the crowd went into raptures.