Translation of rapturous in Spanish:


calurosísimo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈræp(t)ʃərəs/ /ˈraptʃərəs/


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    (applause/welcome) calurosísimo
    (expression) embelesado
    (expression) extasiado
    • They brought their wit and music to the midlands and received rapturous applause.
    • Leon performed a handful of his own songs, each one greeted with rapturous applause.
    • She described how the mere sight of the Pope's plane was met by rapturous applause and tears of joy.
    • Both Sir Alex and Reid gave speeches to rapturous applause from the audience.
    • Just a few numbers earlier he was welcomed by a rapturous reception from ecstatic fans chanting his name.
    • Camden loved it, and enthusiastically greeted every number with rapturous applause.
    • The Knights worked really hard as a team for that win and they deserved the rapturous applause from the fans at the end.
    • This time there was no mistake as the ball hit the top corner and Murray ran to the stand to receive rapturous applause.
    • To the sounds of rapturous applause and cheers of agreement, Mr Murphy put his foot down and demanded action.
    • It amazes me that people actually break out in rapturous applause when somebody successfully hits the ball.
    • Dettori waved to the crowd as he passed the post and was met by rapturous applause as he made his way into the winner's enclosure.
    • This 38th minute goal sent the Carlow supporters into rapturous applause and a false hope dawned.
    • Kay's homecoming was marked by rapturous applause - and at the end of the show he received a standing ovation.
    • The students played to packed houses on both nights and everyone involved was delighted with the rapturous response.
    • Displaying a power beyond her size, her breathtaking skill drew rapturous applause from a delighted audience.
    • As soon as he was released Kelly returned to the performance of Peter Pan and received rapturous applause from the audience.
    • Peter then passed the paper backstage before carrying on with the rest of his act, which was greeted with rapturous applause.
    • Every act earned a rapturous round of applause from the audience and it wasn't long before people were out of their seats and on the dance floor.
    • Yet for all that, this was a win that received a rapturous reception from the home fans, after some anxious moments in the second half.
    • Beckham was given a rapturous welcome by fans in Japan earlier yesterday after jetting in for a promotional tour of the Far East.