Translation of raring in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈrɛrɪŋ/ /ˈrɛːrɪŋ/


  • 1

    to be raring to go
    to be raring to do sth morirse de ganas de hacer algo informal
    • she's raring to try out her new skates (está que) se muere de ganas de probar los nuevos patines
    • Early next morning found the Talbots eager like frisky children raring to get started in their adventure.
    • But he is now ready and raring to guide Leigh through their first-ever season in the elite division.
    • A gulf War veteran said troops would be ready and raring to go if there is another conflict.
    • I'll certainly be ready and raring to go in Monaco, a track I've never raced at but have always dreamed about.
    • Now I am fit and raring to go, ready to give it my all against New Zealand at Ewood Park on Saturday.
    • Assembled at Bullpot Farm was a fine team of individuals all ready and raring to go.
    • I did nine shows there and I was in great shape, so I'm raring to get out there.
    • Sergeant Andy Swift said the soldiers were raring to go.
    • And when it comes to playing music, the kids are raring to prove that they can be as serious as the doyens of classical music.
    • Foot-and-mouth disease meant practically no contact with animals last year, so children will be raring to make animal mates.
    • The Beatles song is blasting in my head, and I'm raring to go.
    • Memories sit waiting at the door of the subconscious, just raring to flood out whenever the gatekeeper is distracted.
    • He had taken Lewis's best shots, and was still raring to go.
    • The most creative inventions will be recognised in the global event and the participants from Chennai are raring to go.
    • You'll be wide awake and raring to go once the lifts open.
    • Maybe you're still raring to go, still quivering to the soca beat, still feeling the Carnival energy.
    • Ever since the announcement, she has been excited and is raring to go.
    • Whitehead was satisfied with her own performance because she was just returning from injury but now she is back to full fitness and raring to go.
    • Mrs Withington's nephews and nieces, who have children aged from 12 to 20, are raring to go too.
    • The cast of 30 actors had reached ‘performance standard’ and were now raring to go.