Translation of rarity in Spanish:


algo poco común, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛrədi/ /ˈrɛːrɪti/

nounplural rarities

  • 1

    (sth rare)
    algo poco común
    algo fuera de lo común
    an opera singer who can act is a rarity un cantante de ópera que sepa actuar es algo excepcional / fuera de lo común
    • This latest release is a collection of B-sides, rarities, soundtrack songs and cover versions which is a must for die-hard fans.
    • Both men were travellers and collectors of curiosities - or rarities, as they were called.
    • You know that I have an agent who is always on the look-out for rarities and curiosities for my collection.
    • Containing all of their released works, it also contains rare compilation tracks, live sets and rarities.
    • The loan exhibition consists of rarities from the collection of the Winterthur Museum in Winterthur, Delaware.
    • Visitors to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington can gaze upon many aeronautical rarities and wonders.
    • A number of other books on display are also rarities.
    • The latest Old Firm encounter is that relative rarity: a one-day wonder.
    • I think most Iraqis love the rain because it is a relative rarity in our dry part of the world.
    • Such a scarcity of diners was, she assured us, an extreme rarity.
    • But the judiciary acquitted Hindmarsh - a comparative rarity these days - following very public support from Morley.
    • Dublin's extensive public seaside access makes it a real rarity.
    • The lifestyles of people are such that peace of mind has become a rarity.
    • The beautiful spectacle became a rarity as very few households continued with the tradition.
    • They had once covered the land, but they became a rarity amongst the people.
    • Ryan did the screenplay himself, a rarity in today's film work.
    • For starters, Carlisle decided to attend the press conference announcing his firing, a rarity in today's game.
    • The jokes will tickle both children and adults, a rarity in the animation world.
    • Opera North tries to breathe life into a Kurt Weill rarity, and almost succeeds, says Hugh Canning
    • Our guest of honour is that biological rarity, a hereditary peer who has attained high distinction.
  • 2

    (of an occurrence)
    la poca frecuencia
    lo raro
    its rarity makes it valuable el hecho de que haya pocos lo hace valioso
    • the coin has rarity value la moneda es valiosa porque hay muy pocas
    • Anything of outstanding quality or rarity which was fresh to the market received a wildly enthusiastic welcome.
    • Due to its rarity and unique coloring, the python now commands fantastic prices.
    • Gemstones are minerals esteemed for their qualities of beauty, durability, and rarity.
    • It emerged that the evidence base for management of patients with these conditions was poor, perhaps because of their rarity.
    • The rarity of his condition meant his parents were isolated from other families affected by the disorder.
    • They are of the greatest rarity, and each impression was treated as a unique work.
    • This comment was another subtle hint about his godliness and intrinsic rarity.
    • Orchids in general became expensive and much-sought after because of their beauty and rarity.
    • More sampling, more copyright infringement, and more extreme rarity.
    • They offer a sense of originality as well, owing to their rarity.
    • Notable is the relative rarity of bivalves and gastropods, consistent with a deeper water environment.
    • The signs of extreme rarity of certain presumed comparative and superlative forms are puzzling.
    • Thus, the extreme rarity of the events leading to human existence is well established.
    • One way to make a statement about the comparative rarity of a vehicle is through the use of exterior paint.
    • Bottle cases are found with increasing rarity as one moves westward into the southern backcountry.
    • With its increasing rarity, it had attracted major interest from egg collectors and specimen hunters by 1900.
    • They are of the greatest rarity, and each impression was treated as a unique work.
    • Thus, there are logistic problems with studies of infanticide owing to its apparent rarity.
    • Notwithstanding their apparent rarity in physics, such space/time structures are much more common in our global society.
    • The loss of Cypress, a female Florida panther, made news because of the rarity of the species.