Translation of rasher in Spanish:


loncha, n.

Pronunciation /ˈræʃər/ /ˈraʃə/

Definition of loncha in Spanish


  • 1

    loncha feminine
    lonja feminine
    • Meanwhile the plate of spare sausage and rashers of bacon was being politely offered around the table.
    • An egg and sausage, two rashers of bacon, mushrooms and black pudding, beans and tinned tomatoes filled the plate.
    • For food professionals, winter is the time for hearty foods, for steamy fish stews, rashers of bacon, and platter upon platter of broiled meats.
    • Indeed, regardless of era, salted bacon, especially rashers of bacon, and salted butter have endured as favourite foodstuffs.
    • I assumed that she didn't want to be openly nasty to me in front of the children, and helped myself to some rashers of bacon and a new slice of toast.
    • Fry or grill the rashers of Black Bacon ™ until just crisp, keep warm.
    • Grill rashers of smoked streaky bacon until crisp and cut into small squarish pieces.
    • Cecil helped himself to an omelette, several rashers of bacon and two slices of toast before he turned to look for Mark and Kristy.
    • She brought a platter of sausages, scrambled eggs and two rashers of bacon with steaming bread.
    • Then drape 3 rashers of bacon over the exposed stuffing in a star fashion forming a lid and secure with string.
    • I believe I even saw someone fishing with rashers of bacon.
    • The exhibit is two inches long and striped pink and black, the striping having been achieved by, at one stage, wrapping the sausage in a rasher of bacon.
    • The bacon rashers can be placed on a heat-proof plate and put back in the oven to finish cooking till all the fat has melted and there are just very crisp bits left.
    • Place the bacon rashers on a baking tray and bake until crisp, then remove and keep warm.
    • When roasting whole guinea fowl, protect the breast meat with bacon rashers.
    • Eggs, bacon rashers, sausages and hash browns came in twos.
    • Brussels officials are convinced that fun and games for pigs make for healthier animals and tastier pork chops or bacon rashers.
    • The breakfast consisted of two fried eggs and two rashers of streaky bacon crisply done.
    • According to its maker, it can cook any food from vegetables to rashers of bacon.
    • If the skin is torn you can patch it up with a rasher of green bacon.