Translation of ratepayer in Spanish:


cliente de empresa de servicio público, n.

Pronunciation /ˈreɪtˌpeɪər/ /ˈreɪtpeɪə/


  • 1

    (customer) cliente de empresa de servicio público masculine, feminine US
    (in UK) contribuyente masculine, feminine
    • But residents and ratepayers have been protesting these private takeovers.
    • The California Public Utility Commission would also get $89 million in ratepayer money to promote the new scheme, giving utilities a leg up on whatever competition might materialize.
    • Residential ratepayers, taxpayers, and employees are thus to bail the industry out of its difficulties.
    • Ratepayers have already been paying for the service of decommissioning through their prior rates.
    • It is disproportional to force ratepayers to pay additional rates for services for which they have previously paid.
    • Nevertheless, at the ratepayer level, the preference to have improvements excluded from rates seems firmly entrenched.
    • This is where the dividing line between ratepayers and taxpayers begins to blur.
    • Without a break from generators, a bailout wouldn't fly politically, since ratepayers would foot the bill.
    • The destitute found the fare either by selling their remaining assets or by assistance from ratepayers and landlords.
    • Residential ratepayers, taxpayers, and employees are thus to bail the industry out of its difficulties.
    • Nor is it certain just who will enjoy those benefits: shareholders or ratepayers.
    • The claims I see in the newspapers state we must spend billions of ratepayer, and possibly taxpayer, dollars to bring the utilities' infrastructure into the 21st century.
    • This is a cost that, if not borne by ratepayers, will certainly be borne by taxpayers.
  • 2British

    contribuyente masculine, feminine
    • This bill is a stunt because the very thing it seeks to stop - significant rate rises for ratepayers - it cannot prevent.
    • Elderly ratepayers can apply for rates rebates, and that is also being reviewed.
    • Bristol City Council conducted a city-wide referendum of all its ratepayers on council tax options.
    • Wheatland County included the survey in their property tax bills to ratepayers.
    • The port company has risen substantially in value since Waikato ratepayers sold their shareholding to private investors.
    • Then there is a third major issue that irks me as a ratepayer.
    • Meanwhile, the council has listed elsewhere on these pages a wide range of projects benefiting the ratepayer and funded through the rates.
    • Since the ratepayer is also a taxpayer, much of that grant will have come out of his own income tax.
    • As for chasing the legal costs, the spokesman says Council has a responsibility to ratepayers to recover any money owed to it.
    • He said the ratepayer should also benefit in the event of a vehicle breakdown with little disruption to the service.
    • The facility will save ratepayers ' money by eliminating costly trips by councillors to the west of Ireland.
    • But who authorised ratepayers ' money to be donated to a political party function?
    • When is this council going to stop wasting ratepayers ' money on unnecessary road schemes?
    • I would like to know what this episode cost the ratepayers of Buffalo City Municipality?
    • Perhaps the best thing about the Better Neighbourhoods plan is that it will cost ratepayers nothing.
    • Could it be that influence would be back under the control of local ratepayers?
    • An insult to visitors and local ratepayers alike!
    • Good on our six-pack for having the guts to support us long-suffering ratepayers.
    • Would the authority vote to save ratepayers a costly legal battle and implement the suspension?
    • Rural ratepayers in the entire Council area will be affected equally.