Traducción de rather en español:


Pronunciación /ˈræðər/ /ˈrɑːðə/ /rɑːˈðəː/

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    • 1.1(stating preference)

      I'd rather walk than go by bus prefiero andar a ir en autobús
      • I'd rather not preferiría no hacerlo (or no ir etc.)
      • I'd rather you didn't smoke preferiría que no fumaras
      • I'd rather not think about that prefiero no pensar en eso
      • which would you rather have, an apple or an orange? ¿qué prefieres, una manzana o una naranja?
      • I'd do anything rather than give up dancing haría cualquier cosa antes que dejar de bailar
      • I'd rather die than … preferiría morir a …

    • 1.2(more precisely)

      we're acquaintances rather than friends somos conocidos, más que amigos
      • she has a shop, or rather a stall tiene una tienda, o mejor dicho un puesto

    • 1.3(instead)

      he wasn't upset about it; rather, he was relieved no estaba disgustado sino más bien aliviado

  • 2

    (fairly) bastante
    (somewhat) algo
    (somewhat) un poco
    it's rather a long way queda bastante lejos
    • it's rather a / a rather good book el libro es bastante bueno / no está nada mal
    • she looks rather like Janet se parece algo / un poco a Janet
    • I rather suspect you're right yo diría que tienes razón
    • I rather think that … me da la impresión / tengo la sensación de que …
    • are you tired? — yes, I am, rather ¿estás cansado? — sí, bastante
    • Some of the monkeys were friendly, but others were behaving rather oddly.
    • Alex, who is rather arrogant and unpleasant, begins to receive strange text messages.
    • It was, rather strangely, his extensive knowledge of astrology that led to his first appointment.
    • It's rather a good speech, ruined by his quite astonishingly poor delivery.
    • I was robbed of my walk today, kept indoors by a steady, rather unpleasant rain.
    • Evidence suggests that today's troubled teenagers are rather more well behaved.
    • At that moment he smelt a rather strong and very unpleasant smell.
    • It was rather unpleasant, but yet it sounded like the laugh of a person you could trust.
    • I didn't post about my Suffolk adventures yesterday, as quite frankly I was rather tired.
    • It's left me feeling rather insecure, and slightly terrified of the future.
    • At first glance, this seems a rather odd sort of charge to make, but it carries a good deal of weight.
    • Yet however good it is, it seems rather tame compared to the provocative brilliance of his earlier work.
    • He expected her to be panicking but in fact she thought it was quite funny and was rather proud that she managed to swim to the edge.
    • The result is that the special relationship is rather like a marriage - for better or worse.
    • We went to see Daredevil last night, a fairly good, if rather violent, superhero movie.
    • It is entertaining to read but seems rather trivial in comparison with its predecessor.
    • The bad news is that popular sentiment in this matter is rather nationalistic.
    • Despite the rather grisly subject matter, it is a fascinating subject.
    • In fact, the only communication he appears to have made on the matter was in a rather short letter two years ago.
    • No, he prefers his rather hazy studio playhouse to the glitz of Parisian nightlife.


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    ¡ya lo creo!
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