Translation of rating in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈreɪdɪŋ/ /ˈreɪtɪŋ/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(evaluation)

      other polls give the party a better rating otras encuestas dan al partido un mayor nivel de popularidad
      • what rating would you give this novel? ¿qué opinión te merece esta novela?

    • 1.2ratings pluralRadio Television

      índice de audiencia masculine
      • Broadcast magazine compared ratings for BBC and ITV bulletins before and after the election was called.
      • Week in, week out it is the soaps that dominate the ratings on British television.
      • He was working in the media research industry and he was concerned mostly about television and radio ratings.
      • The criterion that Mr Shier himself acknowledged as fundamental, a rise in ABC ratings, especially in television, was not achieved.
      • Monday night ‘RAW’ rules the cable television ratings with growing numbers.
      • Yes, but what were the television audience ratings?
      • Turns out television ratings for the CBC's coverage of championship curling have been less than stellar.
      • Since 2000, television broadcast ratings for almost all major sports have fallen among male viewers between 12 and 34.
      • These matches have some of the highest ratings on cable television.
      • And a Stern ratings drop affects the radio industry about the same way a similar drop in the Dow would affect the overall economy.
      • For years, the ratings for the televised Emmy Awards have been in freefall.
      • I understand they're trying to boost TV ratings - we all benefit from that.
      • Leading criminal psychologist David Holmes has slammed the increasing use of rape and sex assaults to boost TV soap ratings.
      • Last season's poor TV ratings proved that.
      • Kiely rejected the suggestion that Kellogg's had pulled its support due to the show's poor ratings.
      • The three nightly network newscasts have seen their ratings plummet 44 percent since 1980.
      • And she only came out and left the show when the ratings plummeted.
      • ABC's ratings slumped and it fell to a distant third behind NBC and CBS.
      • If the host doesn't like the competitor or ratings slump the timer will be arbitrarily accelerated.
      • And so, in the absence of any other widely available metric, the Nielsen ratings provided our performance standard.

  • 2

    (of boat, vehicle) categoría feminine
    (of boat, vehicle) clase feminine
    (of fuel) tipo masculine
    octane rating octanaje
    • The Taki-Tooo and the other vessels that left the harbor were ‘small passenger vessels,’ a higher Coast Guard licensing rating.
    • Ride improves the likelihood that prospective Sailors will begin their Navy careers in the right rating for them.
    • They vary in size and durometer (the hardness rating of the wheel material, polyurethane).
    • Any material with a Perm rating of less than 1.0 is considered a vapor retarder.
    • Remember, the higher the perm rating of a material, the more moisture can pass through it.
    • A very simple way to find out the speed rating of your current hardware configuration is to use a freeware utility.
    • Fuel economy, emissions ratings and performance are equivalent to the standard wheelbase XJ saloons.
    • Each response was assigned a pressure rating of between one and four and a PPI figure was then calculated for each question.
    • Pet life jackets do not come with buoyancy ratings, as do human life jackets (the Coast Guard requires it).
    • Rods with line-class ratings of 30 lb class or below are what may be described as light-line fishing.
    • Sump pumps are generally sold according to the horsepower rating of the pump motor.
    • This may result in the product failing to meet its load ratings.
    • If you want hot water fast, the FHR rating will be important to you.
  • 3British

    marinero masculine
    • When her funeral took place at Leicester Cathedral on May 23, 1997, Royal Navy ratings acted as pall bearers and a Royal Marines bugler sounded the last post.
    • Further south, the sight of snow had four junior Royal Navy ratings jumping for joy, because WTR Nekisha Seaman and her friends have never seen the white stuff before.
    • Aged 52, Parker was 13 years older than even his Captain, and by far the oldest rating in the Royal Navy still serving afloat.
    • They also hold the enlistment papers for First World War Royal Navy ratings and some Royal Marines.
    • The first batch of 30 naval ratings arrived in March 1939 to operate and guard the receiver and transmitting stations.
    • A senior Naval rating who allowed his fitness to slide over the years believes RN fitness test can be a blessing in disguise.
    • The SEAL community is actually open to every rating in the Navy.
    • At the height of the operation, in June 1944, there were more than 100,000 officers and ratings dedicated to this specialist branch of the Royal Navy.
    • The Admiral wants to see a greater involvement of Leading Hands and Petty Officers in the daily management of junior ratings.
    • This faced some public opposition, with some naval ratings staging the Invergordon Mutiny.
    • If you think you know all of the ratings in our Navy, you better take a closer look at the ratings at the master chief level.
    • A total of around 750 RFA personnel, officers and ratings, all civilian British-registered seafarers, are taking part in Saif Sareea.
    • Paul Philips has won a commendation for saving the life of a young rating caught beneath an aircraft lift in HMS Invincible.
    • In addition, officers and senior ratings, in conjunction with the British Embassy, held a well-attended reception on the Saturday evening.
    • In the afternoon a sporting contest - usually football or cricket - was staged between officers and ratings.
    • Ten minutes later she settled on her beam in just over 30 ft of water, and became a tomb for five officers and 41 ratings.
    • They will have a ship's company of 48, of whom 12 will be officers and 14 senior ratings.
    • A U.S. Coast Guard cutter had transferred a pump and two Coast Guard ratings had jumped aboard with it.
    • The change of plan to take the rating ashore forced the ship's command team to replot a route to anchor to the north-east of the island close to Ned's Beach.
    • Making his way down the gun deck to the sick berth, several ratings saluted him.