Translation of reactionary in Spanish:


reaccionario, adj.

Pronunciation /riˈækʃəˌnɛri/ /rɪˈakʃ(ə)n(ə)ri/

Definition of reaccionario in Spanish


  • 1

    reaccionario derogatory
    • It is a highly political ruling with reactionary consequences for both asylum-seekers and democratic rights as a whole.
    • To make matters even worse, a Democratic president, Buchanan, gave his political support to these reactionary efforts.
    • In a professional army, the extent of deeply reactionary political sentiment is far greater.
    • Social tensions are so pronounced that even the reactionary clerics speak of reform.
    • Chauvinist elements must not be permitted to channel the growing opposition to the social order in a reactionary direction.
    • Inside Haiti, the opposition has turned to the most reactionary elements.
    • The fact that no one has claimed responsibility only underscores the profoundly reactionary character of these attacks.
    • Can they proceed without grasping how the great mass upsurge of 1979 brought to power a thoroughly reactionary regime?
    • All these policies are simply different sides of the same reactionary agenda.
    • In 1932 the SPD supported a vote for the deeply reactionary Hindenburg as German president.
    • In a professional army, the extent of deeply reactionary political sentiment is far greater.
    • The Times played a critical role in legitimizing this deeply reactionary campaign.
    • All in all, the five constituted a well-connected and thoroughly reactionary group.
    • But in addition to being erratic, Lewis has a particularly reactionary political agenda.
    • In Trotsky's view this was a reactionary Utopia.
    • He considered peasants a reactionary force and peasant societies a drag on historical progress.
    • We have a reactionary police force and they respond to the complaints of residents.
    • All political debate is funneled through two bourgeois and essentially reactionary parties.
    • By this point we have the perfect marriage of reactionary politics with suitably bad art.

nounplural reactionaries

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    reaccionario masculine derogatory
    reaccionaria feminine derogatory
    • The lesson of the story was that from a long-term point of view, all reactionaries are paper tigers.
    • He is an opportunist and a power hungry reactionary, I don't even see him ‘liberalising’ the economy.
    • No mere reactionary, Schwartz was also interested in and informed about contemporary art that might look very different from his own.
    • But I'm also no reactionary, in that I don't believe such a community has ever existed, not really.
    • Everything is done to keep the American people in the dark about the political and legal views of the reactionaries who are filling up the federal bench.
    • He was a subtle and effective reactionary.
    • Before you go about calling me a reactionary, it could be that future generations will view the horror of the music culture in the same light as the crack epidemic.
    • And that to believe otherwise is to be a heartless, right-wing reactionary.
    • Buchanan is an extreme reactionary who espouses views of an essentially fascistic character.
    • They are extreme reactionaries, bigots and thugs.
    • Her tone was that of a conservative reactionary bemoaning the collapse of family values.
    • Not just right-wing reactionaries, either, but people of enlightened education and humane outlook.
    • The Christian reactionaries who attempted to get Springer banned were clearly inspired by the success of the Sikh protests.
    • With these aristocratic reactionaries, Tocqueville shared a painful sense of dislocation and loss.
    • This acted as the trigger for a series of civil wars, as reactionaries and progressives battled both with the French and each other.
    • All it did was scare the moderate Republicans into become utter reactionaries.
    • It was hardly a socialist Utopia, but enough to earn the undying hatred of reactionaries like Winston Churchill.
    • Over a dozen foreign armies invaded Russia and joined up with reactionaries inside Russia in a civil war.