Traducción de read en Español:


leer, v.

Pronunciación /rid/ /riːd/

Ver definición en Español de leer

verbo transitivo read, read

  • 1

    (book/words/poem/lesson) leer
    (proofs) corregir
    (map/music/program) leer
    to read sth to sb, to read sb sth leerle algo a algn
    to read sb's lips leerle los labios a algn
    • I can't read your writing no te entiendo la letra
    • I can read French, but not speak it puedo leer en francés, pero no lo hablo
    • for '800', read '80' donde dice 800 léase 80
    • Still, since only the two of us ever read this stuff, it barely matters, does it?
    • In all of the books she had ever read the main character always had some sort of friend.
    • The nature of these disclosures, and the colorful language used, strongly support the belief that no one ever reads this material.
    • Sunday morning I put him down for a nap and I stayed in bed reading the paper.
    • Alex was reading the papers in bed one Sunday morning when the smoke alarm fitted outside her bedroom door went off.
    • He could see his poem, deeply creased now as if it had been read over and over, lying on the floor by his feet.
    • He's lying on the bed, reading the paper as I put on my makeup.
    • He read over what had happened and then read the email from Neil that she had attached.
    • Clearly, the notion of reading everything ever written is now entirely preposterous.
    • Consumers should know what is good for them and make it a habit to at least read the ingredients written on the packets.
    • When she complained that she wouldn't have time she was told not to worry and just to skim read the papers.
    • It just seems to be one long tirade on how to read stuff and then write it.
    • I know all the stories and the names of the characters from my time reading the Bible as a child.
    • I cannot read the characters you sent to me, but I can see the web site address.
    • Nobody has ever read the small print of a mobile-phone insurance contract.
    • If anyone can read the characters on the sword itself, please let me know what they say.
    • It's not a good look watching grown men and women openly weeping while reading a tabloid newspaper!
    • Far too much of my work involved reading old newspapers and regional magazines on microfilm.
    • You don't need a computer to read a magazine or newspaper on the bus on your way to work.
    • He was reading the newspaper and he looked up at me and said in a very serious tone of voice.
    • The desert is an unforgiving place to those who cannot read its signs or understand its subtle warnings.
    • Jesus wants those who read the signs of nature to ponder the real signs of the times.
    • As such, the glories of nature can be read as harbingers of a future still arriving.
    • When the voices speak to him (or he reads the significance of Viking remains), they tell him how to get on with his poetry, not how the rest of the people from the North can get on with life.
    • The guy can still throw the ball, he understands how to read defenses and he can move the chains.
    • They would see reading art by understanding the symbols as an easy way of interpreting culture.
    • The evidence before me establishes that that is how it was read and understood by the Claimants, and in my view reasonably so.
    • It's early days and I'm still open to be convinced that I'm reading Zapatero entirely wrong here.
    • It will in all likelihood be a compromise Cabinet, that is, if I am reading the signs right.
    • Perhaps I read it wrong, but I would strongly encourage you not to make blanket statements.
    • Yet it seems doctors in many parts of the country are still failing to read the signs and make the correct diagnosis.
    • He was a man who was way ahead of his time and read the signs of the times that were later to be the basis of Vatican 2.
    • They stand either side of a pool of light, which can be read as iconographically significant.
    • I apologise to Jack Robertson for reading him the wrong way, although I am not sure I follow all of what he says.
    • We need to know the story being played out before us and, instinctively, start to read the clues.
    • After your date reads the first clue, they will be on an exciting adventure to find you.
    • Anyway, the point remains that Labour has abjectly failed to read the mood of the nation when it comes to tax cuts.
    • To do this they turned to techniques developed by Freudian psychoanalysts to read the inner desires of the new self.
    • What will people do then, being able to read their love lives, the stock market, war and peace all in the stars?
    • This was also how many regimental commanders read the mood of their men.
  • 2

    • 2.1(interpret)

      (sign/signal/mood/situation) interpretar
      to read sth into sth
      • he read deep significance into her every remark
      • I think you're reading too much into it
      to read sth right / correctly interpretar algo bien
      • I read his attitude as one of deep hostility su actitud me parece sumamente hostil
      • He had learned to read her moods and expressions well in the past year since they had married.
      • Gregory reached out subconsciously with his mind, reading her feelings of horror and fear.
      • She was reading his emotions, the ones that were bottled up inside without use.
      • Not for the first time, Monique was very glad that he could not read emotions like she could, or thoughts, like Lawrence.
      • He showed nothing in his jet black eyes, not that I was used to reading the emotions of birds.
      • She could not read the emotions and raised her hot fingers to trace the outline of her cheek.
      • Sara sighed and lowered her head in order to prevent Gabe from reading the emotions, which leaked out of her tired eyes.
      • It's very hard at the moment to read that mood, but it's uncertain, slightly fearful, unconfident.
      • I wanted to read every emotion going through his head through those eyes.
      • Even if they can't speak another's language, they can still read their emotions.
      • Brent studied her face, he could read every emotion and thought she had at that moment.
      • He just surveyed me with those dark eyes that seemed to read my emotions, and kept on driving.
      • He laughed and looked at his plate, as if he was embarrassed for reading my emotions wrong.
      • But Keren to his annoyance had a way of reading his moods and using them to his advantage.
      • It's hard to read the feelings of others when you still haven't figured out your own.
      • Kyle can read the anguish as she moves on again, her unwillingness to let a good man die.
      • They bored into mine and read my fears even before I had the courage to think them.
      • He could read the shame in Drake's voice and had a pretty fair idea of what had transpired.
      • But how can you read the clues as to what's going on in the boss's mind - or behind the scenes?
      • Sarah squinted her eyes in curiosity trying hard to read the information from his face.

    • 2.2Telecomunicaciones
      coloquial (hear, receive)

      do you read me, alpha? ¿alfa, me recibe?
      • I'm reading you loud and clear te oigo perfectamente bien
      • Hello, Earth, Do You Read Me? How might the first intelligence from an extraterrestrial civilization be transmitted to earth?
      • Science fiction is not obsolete - do you read me?

  • 3

    • 3.1

      (sign/notice) decir
      the sign read 'closed for repairs' el letrero decía 'cerrado por reformas'
      • On the right-hand side, stark text reads thus: ‘What, we ask, might this trigger economically?’
      • T-shirts are also available, the sign reads on.
      • The third floor sign reads: Floor 3: These men have highly paid jobs, love kids, are extremely good looking, and help with the housework.
      • Just as we were leaving, the teashop put out a sign reading: Now baking: Yorkshire Rascals.
      • One passage reads: ‘I regard personal disloyalty as the worst crime of all, and have killed some guilty of it without a qualm.’
      • One sign reads, ‘You've got to have balls to conquer the world.’
      • The religious text reads, ‘Before thy throne I now appear’, and it seems a most appropriate conclusion to a fantastic life of music.
      • Outside my niece's old primary school, a very prominent sign reads: ‘You are entering a gun-free zone.’
      • Television is the only place where, as the sign reads in Claudia's apartment, ‘It really happened.’
      • A passage in the book reads: ‘Now the Tree of Life extends from above downwards, and is the sun which illuminates all.’
      • After another hour of travel, we finally saw a sign reading that the town of Tol is five more miles away.
      • A statement on the band's website reads: ‘We will be doing a press tour in July for Europe.’
      • A label on one of the cans reads: ‘No matter if the product is used up or not, don't bump it.
      • The campaign features a series a posters showing empty parts of a house with street signs reading Bedroom, Stairs and Hallway.
      • At Larapinta School they've got a sign that reads STOP, THINK, DO.
      • Pay Here, reads the sign in the National Park's Grassington car park.
      • We were in a corridor with a door at either end, each door has a sign, one reads Undermountain, the other, Rappan Athuk.
      • He said: ‘There is one sign which reads Taxis Only but that is covered with graffiti.’
      • One day, he finds the manuscript left for him with a note which reads: ‘Welcome to our ranks!
      • Flowers left at the spot are accompanied by a note that reads: ‘You were my guru and always put a smile on my face.’

    • 3.2(indicate)

      (thermometer/gauge) marcar
      • The viral load measure can read as high as a million, depending on the limits of the lab test.
      • If the thermometer reads 98.6°F, then you don't have a fever and you can learn more about how heat makes other things expand.
      • Cook, stirring as little as possible, until the thermometer reads 300 F degrees.
      • The thermometer in my garden reads 39° C - is this a new record?
      • Remove from the heat immediately and let it sit for another two minutes, until the thermometer reads 182 degrees.
      • The thermometer outside the pharmacy reads 28 and as I squeeze off the first 100 shots of the day I quickly wet my t-shirt with sweat.
      • My vehicle was acting strangely with the gauges not reading the correct data.
      • It's Friday morning, and the clock reads nine fifteen.
      • The little green digits on the clock read one in the morning, and I am deathly tired.
      • Every day we wake up without James, every time the clock reads a certain time, we know that's the time the building came down, you know.
      • So if we ask what the quantum state is when the clock reads a certain time, there will be additional statistical uncertainties which grow with time.
      • When the speed gauge reads you're flying at 200 mph, it actually feels that way
      • Linda said we were only stopped and out of the car for a few minutes at the most, and the time of the car's clock reads an extra 25 minutes of time.
      • But when the clock at the front does light up, it reads the same time as the clock at the back did!
      • In other words, it's more like petrol in a car: the engine will keep running just the same whether the petrol gauge reads a quarter, half, or full.
      • The digital clock reads just shy of ten when his ice cream truck emerges from its underground parking, and at about 10: 30 he pulls up to the restaurant.
      • For example, if the compass reads south as you face the office's front door, then the back part of the room is the north section, the left is east, and the right is west.
      • Finding a station that pumps CNG can be a chore, especially when the gauge reads zero pressure!
      • Travis looked down at his indicator which read thirty two enemies in the immediate area.
      • And as if all this wasn't enough, the meter on the auto read the same as everyday.

    • 3.3(note indication)

      (meter/thermometer/gauge) leer
      • The man is believed to have been operating in the area for some time and the victim of the assault had allowed him into her home in August to read her gas meter.
      • She says that the guy had come to read the gas meter earlier and the woman was not home.
      • The 73 year old victim let a man into her home who claimed he needed to read the gas meter but she did not ask for identification at this stage.
      • He said that he understood that people get nervous but he was only here to read the gas meter.
      • A few weeks ago the fellow who reads the gas meter told me: ‘I love your work’.
      • Crescenzio works as an inspector for the gas company: that is he reads meters.
      • That approach eats up staff time because they must read meters at fields, Fagan said.
      • I just had some woman come round to read my meter.
      • On that date we were not at home and did not know of anyone coming to read the meter.
      • Dragging myself out of bed to answer it, I discovered it was the gas man, wanting to read the meter.
      • How on earth do the supply companies know how much gas or electricity we've used if they haven't actually read the meter?
      • In June, he called to read the meter at the girl's Basildon home while her mother was getting her ready for play school.
      • The power company now only reads the meter every three months.
      • If you keep your PC on the floor like I do, that adds to the difficulty of reading the meter.
      • The flat ruler keeps the fish stable even in a rocking boat, and the measurement is easy to read.

  • 4

    • Depending on what the charge inside is, the computer reads the memory cell as a ‘1’ or ‘0’.
    • If your computer is constantly reading from your hard disk, it's time to upgrade.
    • Computers read data tracks first, but the data track has to be located at the end of the CD.
    • The fact that it makes no attempt to read the disks does give it some flexibility, though.
    • The video relay module reads a separate gigabit Ethernet network connection devoted to video.
    • A computer program reads the same scans the radiologist views, and the combined judgment of the computer and radiologist helps detect more cancers, the researchers found.
    • When Google reads a webpage, it views the text from the top left hand side of the page to the bottom right hand side of the page.
    • It also reads floppy disk, Zip, Jaz, MO, IDE, and SCSI drives.
    • Once the connection is negotiated, it reads the client's HTTP request.
    • It reads a GLADE user interface description and instantiates its corresponding objects.
    • All it really means is that there is a script running that loads a web page, reads the HTML looking for certain attributes, and then reacts based on those attributes.
    • Once there was an additional message that the floppy disk could not be read either.
    • It is often surprising how one drive might not read a DVD, but another has no problem with it.
    • The time it takes to read a single byte at random is MUCH higher on a rambus system than on a DDR system.
    • The smartctl t command starts a self test that reads every byte on the disk.
    • The software itself does not read information beyond its load location on the hard drive.
    • The program reads the information from your CD and imports it to your collection.
    • Then the system reads that information and casts objects at run time.
    • There is no hassle of manually decrypting a file before reading it or encrypting it again after modifying it.
    • Now, when I try to open attachments, I get an error message stating that the file cannot be read.
  • 5Britanico

    (geography/classics) (en la universidad) estudiar
    • He then entered the University of Cambridge to read general studies before taking up physics.
    • Roberts went to university to read English and theatre studies, where her problem continued.
    • The former Leeds Girls High School pupil from Roundhay, is now reading Oriental Studies at Cambridge University.
    • Mr Hackett read history at Oxford University and had planned a career in teaching or lecturing.
    • Mr Dyke was taken on by the university to read politics as a mature student in 1971 with one grade E A level.
    • So the group has devised several strategies to try to increase the number of students reading physics at universities.
    • Johnson's passion for wine began when he was at Cambridge University, where he read English.
    • She was educated at Island School in Hong Kong before coming to England to read law at University College London.
    • Initially he arrived at Newcastle on a gap year before proceeding to Durham University to read sports science.
    • She grew up in Dublin and went to University College Dublin to read English and history.
    • She had decided to go into the museums sector while reading English Literature at university in Sheffield, her home city.
    • By the time I got to university I was reading Marx and learning about how religion was the opium of the people.
    • She read microbiology at Leeds University and trained for the ministry on the Northern Ordination Course.
    • I did, however, read history at university, so I know what the historians say.
    • The oldest, a rocket scientist, is now a father himself, the youngest is off to university to read medicine.
    • Academically brilliant, she was due to go to Leeds University in September to read English and drama.
    • She became head prefect and had a place lined up at Bristol University to read English and drama.
    • After attending Edinburgh Academy he went to Sussex University to read English.
    • As for me, I am entering my fourth year of university reading chemistry.
    • He was reading for an MSc in Security Management at Leicester University.

verbo intransitivo read, read

  • 1

    (person) leer
    to read to sb leerle a algn
    to read about sth/sb
    to read through sth leer algo
    can't you read? ¿no sabes leer?
  • 2

    • 2.1(come across)

      your article reads well tu artículo está bien escrito
      • this sentence reads rather awkwardly esta oración no suena muy bien
      • it reads like a Victorian novel tiene el estilo de una novela victoriana

    • 2.2(have as text)

      his letter reads as follows: … su carta dice lo siguiente: …
      • how does the last verse read? ¿qué dice / cómo es el último verso?


  • 1

    it's a good read es ameno
    • I settled down for a nice, long read me dispuse a pasar un rato agradable leyendo
    • there was only time to give it a quick read apenas si hubo tiempo de hojearlo / de leerlo por encima


  • 1

    to be widely / well read ser muy leído
    • you're better read in this subject than I am tú sabes más que yo de este tema