Translation of reaffirm in Spanish:


reiterar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌriəˈfərm/ /riːəˈfəːm/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    he reaffirmed that no-one would be fired reiteró que no habría despidos
    • With this decision, the Board reaffirms its strong commitment to the Olympic ideal of unity through sport, and fair and balanced treatment of all athletes.
    • We have reaffirmed our commitment to Canadian aid.
    • Macalester should reaffirm and continue its commitment to meeting the full demonstrated need of all admitted students.
    • While Owens has voiced concern about civilian attempts to soften the military, his article in National Review strongly reaffirms the importance of civilian control.
    • I want to reaffirm in the strongest terms my long-term pessimism on stocks.
    • This poem is critical of our country but it strongly reaffirms a belief in its principles and heritage.
    • Government has reaffirmed its commitment to forge strong ties with the private sector in order to create employment and reduce poverty.
    • A source close to the Deputy Prime Minister last night reaffirmed that a Yorkshire assembly would oversee a region-wide fire service.
    • This agreement reaffirms our commitment to making Hounslow a safer and nicer place to live.
    • Uzbekistan reaffirms its commitment to implement democratic reforms.
    • Overnight, the two nations agreed to improve defence and counter-terrorism ties, reaffirming their joint commitment to stopping the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
    • Now I take the opportunity this morning of reaffirming the Government's commitment to that target.
    • ‘President Clinton reaffirmed his commitment to push the Palestinian track forward,’ he said.
    • It reaffirmed the commitment by the court to rebuild the levee systems prior to the next hurricane season, which is June of next year.
    • The Education Secretary today reaffirmed the Government's commitment to create more single-faith schools.
    • Nonetheless, in 1910 the synod of the diocese reaffirmed their commitment to completing St. Alban's.
    • The Government also reaffirmed its commitment to introduce a national bowel cancer screening programme, meeting a key demand by campaigners.
    • He also reaffirmed the Government's commitment to ensuring all NHS trusts could apply to become foundations by 2008.
    • He said the government reaffirmed its commitment to tackling sexually transmissible and blood-borne viruses.
    • Greece has once again reaffirmed its strong support for Bulgaria's accession to NATO and the European Union.
  • 2 formal

    • It was an encore to Athens-the chance for the established breed to reaffirm elite standing.
    • Although the Pontiff is the universal leader of more than a billion Catholics, the election reaffirms the intimate link between the Papacy and the eternal city.
    • The April and July elections reaffirmed the strength of moderate Islam in Indonesia.
    • Defeating the Badgers, who are ranked tenth in the nation, reaffirms Waterloo's position atop the OUA's western division as the Warriors' record now stands at a sparkling 6-2.
    • Tiffin Girls' School reaffirmed its position as the borough's best with more than half of all exams sat resulting in the highest A * grade.
    • Bulgaria reaffirmed its leading position at the Canoe / Kayak World Championship in Seville, Spain.
    • The high prevalence of fructose intolerance found among patients in our study reaffirms previous studies.
    • This result suggests that HA-spo 14 is phosphorylated during meiosis and reaffirms our previous data that demonstrated that the N terminus of Spo 14 is the major site of phosphorylation.
    • I think it marks an exciting new era for the show, which will see it reaffirming its position as the definitive show for pop music lovers of every generation.
    • It has stimulated the opening of other biennials in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, thus reaffirming Cuba's position as a cultural leader within the Third World.
    • In 1740 she returned to the stage where she spent ten successful years dancing in 78 ballets, and reaffirming her position as queen of the Paris Opera.
    • Cuba is reaffirming its position, its ideals, its objectives.
    • The bill reaffirms New Zealand's commitment to providing a strong intellectual property regime that offers clarity for users and fully complies with New Zealand's obligations internationally.
    • This study reaffirms past research which shows that alcohol misuse is strongly related to other problem behaviors including illicit drug use and delinquency.
    • This act of Congress reaffirms our commitment to the environment.
    • It reaffirms a commitment to religious freedom at home and abroad.
    • We said wouldn't it be a great way of reaffirming our commitment to each other through a legal wedding ceremony, ‘he said.’
    • Indigenous and government agencies are reaffirming their commitment today to a project to prevent youth cyclical offending in Geraldton.
    • For one thing, they require you to think on your feet and call on all your resources to get past them, reaffirming your commitment.
    • It was hard, but it was good because it reaffirmed my commitment to simplifying our lives, to making this enormous move, to making a real change.