Translation of real in Spanish:


real, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈri(ə)l/ /riːl/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(actual, not imaginary)

      in real life en la vida real
      • the characters don't behave like real people los personajes no se comportan como gente de verdad
      • in the real world en la realidad
      • in the real sense of the word en el verdadero sentido de la palabra
      • the party that offers a real alternative el partido que ofrece una verdadera / auténtica alternativa
      • a job with real responsibility un trabajo de mucha responsabilidad
      • her first real success su primer éxito de importancia
      • for real de verdad
      • they were fighting for real estaban peleando de verdad
      • this time it's for real esta vez va en serio
      • is he for real? ¿es posible que sea tan tonto (or ingenuo etc.)?
      • are you for real? ¿me estás tomando el pelo?
      • It seems far-fetched but most of the things that happened in the first series were actually based on real events.
      • A problem does not exist in splendid isolation as a concrete fact in the real world.
      • Sometimes I do this thing where I imagine that I'm reporting the events that aren't real.
      • The scene from the bank ‘falsely portrayed’ is in fact an accurate portrayal of real events.
      • The only real difference I suppose is that the Russians had longer to prepare.
      • The real problem was the fact that no intelligent debate on organised crime had taken place, he said.
      • I suppose real macaroni pie uses this kind, but I was never able to find it in the United States.
      • In fact, the only real effect of his advancing age on his music has been to make him work with even greater concentration.
      • I don't think I've ever had to work under any real pressure, either real or imagined.
      • Young Miller was, in fact, the only real striking prospect Scotland had seen in some time.
      • They make a big point on their site of assuring the viewer that the tank is in fact, not real.
      • It is also the most imaginative, least dated, and actually has some real Gaelic.
      • So if Cold Fusion is real, I imagine some major physics needs a rethink.
      • He could hear an odd rushing sound, but he couldn't tell if it was real or imagined.
      • He was awed with the fact that they were real, but realized that she needed help quickly.
      • That could affect their opinion before they hear the facts in a real trial.
      • In this decision, I am not jettisoning all case law developed by judicial decision on the facts of real cases.
      • This may sound strange and unbelievable to you, but it is real and true.
      • The first setup reflects the situation in which a real data set is under scrutiny.
      • Why do you attack them without bothering to do any real investigation of the situation?
      • If we take all of these criticisms as true, then the real blame belongs to the White House.
      • But the point is that it is true, and the real question is the character of the candidate who tried to conceal his past.
      • This is true, but the real crisis in legitimacy is caused by differential abstention rates.
      • I hope I can show and tell you the real, true Japan that cannot be seen in other mas media.
      • In fact, submerging your real identity even as you fake sincerity seems to be positively encouraged.
      • It seems that the state and central governments have been hiding the real facts.
      • This view has taken hold even despite the fact that the real dynamic of progress is currently unremarkable.
      • In fact, the real shift that is taking place is very different from this.
      • Now, in all fairness - we have not verified that this post was in fact penned by the real Miss Simpson.
      • The fact that real terrorists tend not to send letters before they plant bombs seemed not to occur to officials.
      • Yes, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and fun night and real stars did in fact emerge.
      • Rather than trying to sue Americans into submission, imagine a real solution for the problem.
      • The real glory was the fact that most of the postings were not from members.
      • I would guess that most people watching this sort of news item do not sit there and imagine the real horror.
      • I suppose the real test is what happens over the next few months and how we keep the friendship going.
      • These hard facts indicate real motives behind enactment of this draconian law.
      • Jeff takes them to the ruined house where the last lot disappeared and where the real witch was supposed to have been murdered.
      • The person sitting in front of the fire was shocked that the facts of the real story had been so misconstrued.
      • The real significance of publications such as this are often only really treasured years later.
      • It has come out of the real situation that I see around me, where marriages are failing.

    • 1.2(actual, not apparent)

      (culprit/reason/name) verdadero
      I never met my real mother nunca conocí a mi verdadera madre
      • she's the real boss around here aquí la que manda de verdad es ella

    • 1.3(genuine, not fake)

      (fur/leather) auténtico
      (fur/leather) genuino
      (gold) de ley
      is it real coffee or instant? ¿es café café o café instantáneo?
      • now, that's what I call real music! ¡eso sí que es música!
      • I met a real(, live) princess conocí a una princesa auténtica / de verdad
      • a real man would have stood up to him un hombre como Dios manda / de verdad se le hubiera enfrentado
      • He paid tribute to the bravery of the police involved in making the arrests, as they had not known whether the gun was real or imitation.
      • She said she would today lay both artificial and real flowers, but she was not being disrespectful in any way.
      • She slipped a tiny elastic banding ring over the long metal pin which connects my real leg to the artificial one.
      • He said that in many incidents police did not know if a weapon was real or imitation unless it was recovered later.
      • In the past they've also had genuine stag and real ivory, both of which are now very hard to come by.
      • Long and shaggy, in real or imitation fur, Yeti coats are ideal partners against the cold.
      • Anyway, this year the whole family were gathered round so it was time to buy a real, genuine Christmas tree.
      • I want to be able to go over to Brick Lane in the East End to eat a real, genuine London bagel.
      • Is that his real hair colour?
      • Then I got into pre-ground real coffee, and I guess I stuck at that for years.
      • A quick bite of the card was taken just to check just how real the gold was.
      • Trying to find anything up there is like trying to guess my real hair colour.
      • But real coffee, roasted and ground and turned to seductive liquid, is a true pleasure.
      • He realised that the answer to his business problems was to provide machines that made real coffee with fresh milk.
      • I was a bit disappointed that he had questioned whether my hair was real.
      • The Buddha sculptures and even the bricks on the ground are carved with real gold.
      • This lightly scented gel contains particles of real gold to enhance the face or décolletage.
      • We learned the most expensive tea ware is made from a kind of purple clay flecked with real gold.
      • Try it, however, and a uniformed attendant will inform you it is art and that it is plated in real gold.
      • The possession of guns, both real and imitation, lies predominantly with young people.

    • 1.4

      it was a real nightmare fue una auténtica / verdadera pesadilla

  • 2

    • 2.1Economics

      (income/cost/increase) real
      in real terms, this means a 3% fall in output en términos reales, esto representa una caída del 3% en la producción
      • We will maintain the value of welfare benefits in real terms plus economic growth - no more.
      • Inflation also eats into the real value of the income from market returns received by farmers.
      • This sounds a lot of money, but in real terms it will support just eight schemes.
      • An unanticipated decline in the price level increases the value of firms' liabilities in real terms.
      • Duisenberg did not comment on how much the prices increased in real terms.
      • But high population growth means that this is a contraction in real terms.
      • In real terms members are thus receiving less benefits for paying higher contributions.
      • So today's prices are, in real terms, at little more than half their highest levels.
      • Besides, the real value for money lies in the fact that paying a few pence more benefits so many.
      • It is real savings and not money that fund and make possible the production of better tools and machinery.
      • By the end of the decade, inflation had halved the real value of football payments.
      • The cost of housing will fall in real terms if the CPI exceeds the rate of house price inflation.
      • Figures suggest that the minimum amount of money needed for subsistence is on the rise in real terms.
      • Only by demanding more cash balances and thus lowering prices can the dollars assume a higher real value.
      • If anything, the average market value of a scientist seems to be going down in real terms.
      • If that real value isn't there, then you should look at ways to introduce it or you shouldn't be there at all.
      • A consultant needs to add real value to an organisation to justify a fee of hundreds a day.
      • It only underscores my point that the real value of the Rand should be in that region.
      • Funding for education is set to rise in real terms, over and above extra money for teachers' salary pay increases.
      • In real terms, the study shows that household incomes have declined to 1989 levels.

    • 2.2Mathematics Optics

      • In this case, this is not a problem, since the domain of the sine function is all real numbers.
      • What you're doing is making it stick out along the real number line twice as far away from the origin.
      • Cardan was the first to realise that one could work with quantities more general than the real numbers.
      • Some of the symbols written down will form the sequences of figures which is the decimal of the real number which is being computed.
      • If we take two real numbers and multiply them together, we get another real number.
      • We saw in the last section that a real image is formed by light moving through a convex lens.
      • You don't see the real image formed by the camera lens, but you get a rough idea of what is in view.
      • The only thing which would lead you to believe that these are not real images are the colours are simply too vivid and the imagery too sharp.
      • It is easiest to observe real images when projected on an opaque screen.
      • Real images occur when objects are placed outside the focal length of a converging lens or outside the focal length of a converging mirror.


  • 1

    (as intensifier) muy
    I'm real tired estoy muy cansada
    • I'm a real happy man soy feliz de verdad
    • be real careful, now ojo, ten mucho cuidado
    • All I know is my head hurt real bad during that time and then it was gone after a while.
    • If you take a picture, it just happens to look real nice if you show a little more than two thirds sky.
    • We actually work in a room with no windows, but we decorated it real nice for Christmas.
    • They can be real nice to you when you are the passenger, but when you are a fellow motorist, they will terrorize you.
    • It is a real nice setup that works to help out beginners but doesn't annoy veterans.
    • For a while, his brain was swollen so he hung his head like someone with a real bad headache.
    • Whilst on the subject of friends I have met some real nice and interesting people in my few months here.
    • He had a real homely and jolly down to earth manner that endeared him to all.
    • You have to say it real fast and furious while you assume the correct position with your palms.
    • It has been too warm lately and with long hair the dog gets real warm.