Translation of reality in Spanish:


realidad, n.

Pronunciation /riˈælədi/ /rɪˈalɪti/

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nounplural realities

  • 1

    • 1.1(real existence)

      realidad feminine
      • But when image is your concern, the unpleasant realities of war present big problems.
      • It wants to make sure it cannot actually focus on the realities of family life.
      • Some of these children have their own first-hand experience of the realities of war.
      • None has been so determined to finesse the difficult realities of the post-cold war world.
      • The reality of motherhood is trainers, a fleece, a worry list and a mobile phone.
      • The reality of her mother dying sank in deep as she saw the look of fear in her mother's eyes.
      • I have no problem with teaching our children the realities of life and war in the past.
      • When faced with the reality of these experiences, part of the problem is doubt as to whether they are real or imagined.
      • When a big issue is on, do we want someone who might be prepared to fudge the realities of truth in order to meet his or her own ends?
      • Soon experience told them to look at the realities of life and how the laws of nature work.
      • This is part of the reality of women's experience in today's Ireland.
      • No one on this campus wants to diminish the reality of the horrible experience of sexual assault.
      • I had been invited to experience the reality of front line policing in the town by joining the Swindon response team for the night.
      • Anywhere outside you will experience the reality of traffic going forwards - in quantity, at speed.
      • This language is so personal that the reader cannot be drawn to the reality of the experience.
      • We have met before and the reality of personal experience is very different.
      • It is clear that that may be difficult to enforce against the realities of everyday domestic life.
      • The reality of the child's early experience may or may not be known.
      • The reality of this truth was manifested at the last election.
      • The above point reflects a deep tendency in Western societies to deny the reality of life as a biological reality.

    • 1.2(actual circumstances)

      realidad feminine
      the realities of life la realidad de la vida
      • to become (a) reality hacerse realidad
      • You see, a long time ago, some academic came up with the idea that reality doesn't actually exist.
      • It has kept all of us in touch with reality as it exists in Tokyo and Japan along with a better understanding of what Tokyo and Japan are all about.
      • Recognition and acceptance of truth and reality replaces false ideas.
      • She said that the students are slowly losing touch with reality.
      • It was clear to me that I would soon lose touch with reality unless I did something that mattered.
      • It happens in stock markets when they lose touch with reality.
      • It is so easy for prime ministers to lose touch with reality.
      • Will a love of knowledge and the written word lead to me lose touch with reality and normal society and decide that there is no longer any need for me to wash?
      • But this new theology is vulnerable because it has long since lost any touch with reality.
      • Although it sounds glamorous and fun, Caldwell says there is a danger you can lose touch with reality.
      • Such details spice up the account of a wartime dictator losing touch with reality.
      • But for him, history was still the history of ideas, reality was secondary.
      • No other nation has ever been quite so obsessed by defining what it is, or troubled by the idea that reality might not measure up to the ideal.
      • In reality Maddy had no idea if he'd actually slept with her, but it wasn't her business to ask or even know.
      • In a play that makes play with ideas about art and reality, one of the more stimulating paradoxes occurred offstage.
      • I started perceiving the world in terms of wishes as opposed to reality.
      • Unfortunately though, this only seems to be a good idea, instead of reality.
      • One of our biggest problems is perception as opposed to reality.
      • For many though, the idea of getting beyond reality is not such a scary prospect.
      • The above is one development of the idea that reality is socially constructed.

  • 2

    realismo masculine
    • Harsh reality is created with striking clarity throughout the collection, leaving the reader both awed and dismayed.
    • He loved acting and the people that were in it and that could produce and create moments of great reality.
    • Only when films regain the sparks of creativity, originality and reality, will we see crowds in cinema halls again.
    • All of that combines to work against the sense of immersion and reality created by the graphics and large gameworld.