Translation of really in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈri(ə)li/ /ˈrɪəli/


  • 1

    (in fact)
    I really did see him! ¡de verdad que lo vi!
    • I really don't care la verdad es que no me importa
    • the tomato is really a fruit el tomate en realidad / hablando con propiedad es una fruta
    • it's sad really la verdad es que es una lástima
    • do you like it? — not really ¿te gusta? — no mucho
    • In actual fact I didn't really see him make many mistakes with that at all.
    • In actual fact, what you really see in the television studio is a blank blue screen.
    • If they really are true supporters, they might consider getting behind the club and working for its future.
    • I think we should all turn to the person on our left and acknowledge the fact that we really are blessed.
    • The other thing I really liked was the fact that the story really was neverending.
    • The ticket stub in my wallet has served as a reminder that it really was true.
    • Perhaps it is time to wake up to the fact that there really is only one person to blame for all these happenings and that is ourselves.
    • It was a fascinating story and well worth the telling, but is it likely or possible that Davis was really so sainted?
    • It's just that he thinks this is a fact and nothing really can be done about it.
    • Could it really be the fact or the case that we only value allies who disagree with us?
    • It s no longer really possible to live up to that part of the custom but the spirit remains the same.
    • Despite their size and the fact that they really are sharks, they are gentle, harmless creatures.
    • Is it really possible to sue people over email when the address is not verifiable?
    • Anyone who imagines a perfect bureaucracy really is living in a world of fantasy.
    • It's not really possible to say as I'm 20 pages and less than a single chapter into the book.
    • Can it really be possible that the web has an innate ability to unite its users into some more powerful collective?
    • The spirits were incredibly high, as you can imagine, and they really went out of their way to get me involved.
    • The boldness comes in the fact that this is really the end of the film.
    • In fact teaching and research really constitute a single mission, the pursuit of knowledge.
    • Again, neither the affirmative nor the negative answer is really satisfactory.
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    it's really good/cheap/old es buenísimo/baratísimo/viejísimo
    • it was really hot hacía mucho calor
    • she's really excited about her new job está entusiasmadísima con su nuevo trabajo
    • you really should visit your mother la verdad es que deberías ir a ver a tu madre
    • It is really time that the opinions of the people of this country were heard clearly by our politicians.
    • Normally, that ought to be a sure sign to someone like me that I really ought to forget about it.
    • The negative ones echo my own opinion that the book really isn't very good.
    • The next step is then to find all the things that you think really ought to fit into the definition of existence.
    • They have been called the best live band in Britain so often that they really ought to get it printed on stationery.
    • I ought really to balance this out with a list of the good things that happened.
    • I really ought to hope that the murderous pair repented before they died.
    • Because of the nature of the estate and the situation of the post office this is one branch that we really ought to fight to retain.
    • Yes, you really ought to hate Richards for all that good fortune, but the trouble is, you can't.
    • The authorities, in all their wisdom, really ought to dream up a more appealing format, you feel.
    • But people really ought to be ecstatic because it's become such an awful place to work.
    • If they would, they really ought to stop what they're doing now and go home.
    • Inevitably there will be people who think I ought really to be getting married.
    • I'm getting the urge to redesign the site again but really ought to wait and see the year out I think!
    • So I really ought to walk the mile to Lisa's workplace to meet her for lunch now.
    • Having been such a fan of the films for so long, I thought I really ought to see what inspired them.
    • Sit on this porch, persuade the few tourist cars that arrived that they really ought to turn back.
    • When you've finished you wonder why you made all that fuss, and I really ought to be used to it by now.
    • There's their flatmate William who really ought to be getting a place of his own by now.
    • I really cannot imagine just how much rubbish she and her partner can possibly generate.
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    she won a prize — (oh,) really? ganó un premio — ¿ah sí?
    • she's nearly 40 — really? ronda los 40 — ¿de verdad? / ¡no me digas!
    • you'll just have to wait — (well,) really! tendrá que esperar — ¡pero bueno!
    • I mean, really: he's got a nerve es que, francamente ¡qué tipo tan descarado!
    • no, really, I do want to come no, en serio, claro que quiero ir
    • People remember 10%, 20%...Oh Really?