Traducción de rearrange en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌriəˈreɪn(d)ʒ/ /riːəˈreɪn(d)ʒ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (change position of)
    she had rearranged the furniture había cambiado los muebles de lugar
    • rearrange these letters to form the name of a city ordena estas letras de manera que formen el nombre de una ciudad
  • 2

    (change time of)
    (appointment) cambiar la fecha de
    we rearranged the meeting for a later date pospusimos la fecha de la reunión
    • Yesterday, Delaney was trying to rearrange his schedule in order to come.
    • One lady said she could have then rearranged childcare arrangements.
    • Make an effort to rearrange the pattern of your evenings.
    • Sitting a three-month retreat can rearrange your whole view of practice.
    • She has rearranged her childcare in order to get into town for 8.20 am and give herself a better chance of finding a parking space.
    • The store's service was slick until it was found that the delivery driver had the wrong order and had to rearrange a new date to drop off the goods.
    • She doesn't need to rearrange her schedule: she simply comes to the class when she has time.
    • The congregation has outgrown its building and often rearranges its Sunday meeting schedule and location to accommodate the many worshipers.
    • I'm rearranging my work schedule to see another show in two weeks.
    • My daughter and I would like to thank them and Miss Wrigglesworth for rearranging her schedule.
    • People cancel soccer games, schedules are rearranged, high school football games are canceled.
    • The course instructor had just rearranged the schedule and I assumed that the classrooms would remain unchanged.
    • So we rearranged our schedules to meet with her last night and she actually brought a box of Kleenex.
    • Joe ran over to the clinic to cancel his patients and rearrange his vacation schedule, and picked me up some breakfast on the way back.
    • We will rearrange our schedule to make room for you on Monday.
    • It had not been easy rearranging her schedule, but her assistant had proved to be a whiz all throughout the morning.
    • Instead of fighting this parent on a minor issue, however, I rearranged my conference schedule.
    • With two jobs, he rearranged his schedule a little and found himself working the breakfast rush more in the last week.
    • Jo had rearranged her schedule so she could baby-sit while Audrey attended the meeting.
    • You have rearranged your busy schedule to fit a workout at least three to four times per week.