Translation of reason in Spanish:


razón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrizən/ /ˈriːz(ə)n/

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    razón feminine
    motivo masculine
    reason for sth razón / motivo de algo
    reason to + inf
    the reason that I'm telling you is … la razón por la que te lo digo es …
    • that was the main reason I accepted esa fue la razón principal por la que acepté
    • there's no reason why we should fail no tenemos por qué fracasar
    • I'd like to know the reason why quisiera saber por qué / el porqué
    • I'll want to know the reason why! ¡me vas (or van etc.) a tener que dar explicaciones!
    • all the more reason he should go razón de más para que vaya
    • I left it there for a reason por algo lo dejé ahí
    • for health reasons por razones / motivos de salud
    • with (good) reason con razón
    • for reasons best known to herself por razones / motivos que solo ella conoce
    • she has good reason to be upset tiene razones / motivos para estar disgustada
    • His main reason for quitting was personal, he said, as he wanted to spend more time with his wife and two children.
    • The reason for the present event, according to their explanation, is immodest behavior.
    • Their goal is simply to cause terror without a justified reason.
    • Therefore, only the tip of the iceberg is known and most of the reasons leading to the event are missed.
    • With their unforced errors, they were the main reason for the goals against them.
    • Everyone needs a reason to justify getting up in the morning, and a wage doesn't really do it for most people.
    • Stress and too much administration are cited as some of the main reasons for people wanting a change.
    • One reason why this event may reverberate is exactly that disconnect.
    • Weather patterns are very complex, and the specific reason for any one event cannot be determined.
    • I am sure that in weeks and months to come these families will realise what a good home this was, and the main reason was the people who owned it.
    • Does he not realise that the main reason most people don't use the bus is that they are slow, inconvenient and inefficient?
    • China is probably the main reason for the rising demand for coal.
    • I'm hoping to get an explanation or a reason for my not being involved.
    • Experts said that a tight work schedule was the main reason causing the decrease in reading.
    • He attributed the fine weather on the day as the main reason why so many people decided to go to the matches.
    • The simple reason is the people in charge of spending the money are not accountable to anyone.
    • Across all income groups, at least one in three people said their main reason for moving was to get a bigger home.
    • The foundation also showed that liking an area was the main reason why people did not live closer to their work.
    • Research in Bolton found that stress is the main reason why people take time off work.
    • Cost did not come into it, except as a reason to justify inaction.
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    razón feminine
    to reach the age of reason alcanzar la madurez
    • the Age of Reason la Edad de la Razón
    • to lose one's reason perder la razón
    • He believed that with his powers of reason and his faith he could master the world about him.
    • We must not believe that all opinion is ideology, that reason is only power, that there is no truth to prevail.
    • For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream.
    • The exhibition of reason's power in these scenes has no peer in theatre.
    • Galileo would not absolve them from blame for resorting to power when reason went against them.
    • He thinks and learns systematically and is drawn to using logic and reason to prove and understand his faith.
    • They wished to use science and reason to understand nature and solve social problems.
    • Fortunately my powers of reason have not been entirely overcome and obliterated by received wisdom.
    • Nothing restores my faith in the simple power of reason better than the utterances of a man of God.
    • Men are marked off from other animals by possessing reason and the power of thought.
    • It is necessary to darken his moral and mental vision, and, as far as possible, to annihilate his power of reason.
    • It was a state of mind where reason appeared to turn in on itself; became warped.
    • You can, and should, exercise your powers of reason: that's why God gave them to you.
    • The sound of what is being said is just as important as the words themselves in what is, in a sense, a dialogue between reason and emotions.
    • Life today is guided not by logic and reason but rather by emotion, fear and sentimentality.
    • Games like chess and cards are used to help develop logical thinking and reason.
    • Therefore reason in the sense of a cause is always understood as something rational.
    • This is why The King is coming along as I need to have a point of sanity and reason to refer back to.
    • To be condemned for the colour or creed you were born with, really defies reason or sanity.
    • It was abolished hundreds of years ago as sanity and reason won the argument against those who sanctioned it.
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    (good sense)
    there's some reason in what she says hay cierta lógica en lo que dice
    • where's the reason in starting over again? ¿qué sentido tiene volver a empezar?
    • to make sb see reason hacer entrar en razón a algn
    • he couldn't make her see reason no pudo hacerla entrar en razón
    • I'm prepared to do anything, within reason, to … estoy dispuesto a hacer cualquier cosa, dentro de lo razonable, para …

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