Translation of rebadge in Spanish:


rebautizar, v.

Pronunciation /riˈbædʒ/ /riːˈbadʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Community Care operate more widely in that area, so we thought it would be good if they could look after the bins, rebadge them with Community Care's name, and basically take over from there.
    • Overall the case feels like a real quality unit, worthy of being rebadged by some of the bigger brand-name PC makers (and indeed, I suspect it has been).
    • It is like rebadging galley slaves as ‘employed’ and praising the productivity of shipping’.
    • Note, incidentally, the phrase ‘abrupt appearance’ in one of the above quotes, which are a reminder of an earlier attempt at rebadging creationism.
    • But it makes a virtue of rebadging the kit without modification.
    • Meg may think she's improved Medicare, rebadging the new charity driven outfit as Medicare Plus.
    • The Government has just taken the scheme that was in place under the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, rebadged it, and called it the Modern Apprenticeships scheme.
    • In September, he bought a Washington community newspaper chain, revamped it, and rebadged it the Washington Examiner.
    • A further 170 medium-sized stores will also be rebadged and will focus on grocery, fresh food, wines and spirits.
    • With €35.5m now spent on the project, the Irish government is looking for ways to rebadge the premises in Sugar Lane, Dublin.
    • It's disappointing - we had hoped the pair would come up with something new, not just rebadged existing product - but it makes sense for both parties.
    • Not surprisingly, much research is now conveniently rebadged as audit.
    • The programme has taken too long and been done on the cheap, often cheating by rebadging existing inadequate services.
    • But a growing body of international scientific and environmental opinion sees fluoride as nothing more than a poisonous pollutant, profitably and misleadingly rebadged as the scourge of dental caries.
    • Arnhem Land became in 1931 the huge protected Aboriginal reserve it remains today, rebadged with land rights.
    • For many people, practice based commissioning will seem to be simply general practice fundholding rebadged.
    • Otherwise, I'll convert a slim box closet into a server rack and chain together rescued computers that I'll rebadge as data servers.
    • With this new initiative, Georgia Tech purchased a new video imaging system for the rebadging process.
    • The point that Clint made is I think we would like to see some action on some of the promises, rather than just a rebadging of some of the promises we have seen.
    • The subsequent disaster for the trains and passengers of the old BritRail are well documented but Loach cuts deeper into what happened to rail workers (now rebadged as ‘Infrastructure’).