Translation of rebellion in Spanish:


rebelión, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈbɛljən/ /rɪˈbɛljən/

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    rebelión feminine
    rebellion against sth/sb rebelión contra algo/algn
    • There was indeed a subjective factor: a national consciousness expressed in several armed rebellions in defence of the Fueros.
    • It was filled with murderous conquests, hate, rebellions, and revolutions.
    • For now, there hasn't been any report on any uprisings or rebellions.
    • Colombia has also had constant rebellions and civil unrest for the last fifty years.
    • Hoyle's rebellions were revolts of the commons, taken over and defused by the gentry and nobility.
    • There had been countless rebellions and revolts during the second half of the 1790s.
    • There has been an enormous rise in workers' strikes, peasant rebellions and urban riots.
    • Surviving monuments in Glasgow and Edinburgh to crushed colonial rebellions show a pride in the Scots' own brutal contribution to colonial rule.
    • He also wished to prevent the restoration of France's colonial empire and the rebellions he expected would follow if it was restored.
    • You note the number of parliamentary rebellions.
    • These are small rebellions, perhaps, but encouraging nonetheless.
    • The result was a series of rebellions in schools that opted to forbid the practice, leading to the expulsion of some girls.
    • Add in the new rebels from last week's rebellions, and in the last six months alone you are up to 62 Labour MPs who have already defied their whips.
    • If you look at the scale of some of the rebellions in the last Parliament, the government would have been defeated had its majority been below 80.
    • Despite a record-breaking series of rebellions in the last Parliament, they never inflicted a single significant defeat.
    • Otherwise, you're going to get one of the great historic rebellions among working Americans.
    • He visited the far-flung corners of his empire, bucking up his troops but also stamping out incipient rebellions.
    • Now he is his own man, hardened and scarred by backbench rebellions, geopolitical scraps and a hostile media firing on him from both left and right.
    • These days, however, governments have to pay more deference to the organisers of grassroots rebellions.
    • She also said her top priority was to prevent the diverse archipelago being torn apart by separatist rebellions.