Translation of recent in Spanish:


reciente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈris(ə)nt/ /ˈriːs(ə)nt/

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    (photograph/statement/survey) reciente
    in recent party history en la historia reciente del partido
    • in recent years/months/times en los últimos años/meses/tiempos
    • in the recent past en los últimos tiempos
    • The real agony for home fans lies in the fact that they have seen it happen so often in the recent past.
    • The reason for this mistaken notion can be traced to the events of our recent past.
    • My research in recent years has begun to come up with some of the answers for this.
    • Over recent days the controversial issue of the politics of aid has begun to emerge.
    • What is far from clear, given this recent case, is whether it can do any good at all.
    • It is a depressing picture for a city which has striven to improve its image in recent years.
    • Brian has more energy than ever and recent tests have shown his health is improving.
    • She claimed that at least four cars had been burned out over recent months in the village.
    • I am sure that many of your readers are aware of the recent boom in local and family history.
    • The idea is to help pupils continue the steady progress they have made in recent years.
    • The film has attracted some of the worst reviews of any Scottish film in recent times.
    • In the wake of the food scares of recent years the organic message is hitting home.
    • There is no doubt that recent months have been very bruising for many in the party.
    • It is worth noting that they have gone up several percentage points in recent polls.
    • One of the most popular presidents in recent memory is about to commit a cardinal sin.
    • No president in recent history has had so much power, nor so much interest in using it.
    • In recent years there has been a lot of money spent in Winchester by the county council.
    • One recent case was of an elderly woman in York who had a man knock on her door claiming to be a builder.
    • There have been a number of other incidents of racial abuse in the area in recent weeks.
    • It was ranked as one of the best cities in the US for quality of life in a recent survey.