Translation of record-breaking in Spanish:


que bate todos los récords, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈkɔ(ə)rd/


  • 1

    que bate todos los récords
    sin precedentes
    • Jack, emboldened by his record-breaking achievements on that tour, refused.
    • Mr Hempleman-Adams is thrilled at his latest record-breaking achievements.
    • That dedication has been at the root of his record-breaking achievements.
    • Caulfield insists the achievements of the record-breaking Tony McCoy have made it harder for the rest.
    • It predicted record-breaking temperatures for June and July, with August expected to be very warm and occasionally hot.
    • His is one of the most frequent faces on the box: he has made a record-breaking 10,000 appearances on British telly.
    • This is by no means a record-breaking level of commission.
    • The 34-year-old former Kent batsman has been in record-breaking form for Guyana this season.
    • Lance Armstrong trained to win a record-breaking seventh Tour de France by cycling up and down mountains in the Canary Islands.
    • A musical which has been playing for 13 record-breaking years in the West End rolls into Hull next week.
    • Samuel L. Jackson's going to tell us how he landed his part in the record-breaking movie.
    • The men's soccer team is off to a great start this season, with four wins, no losses, and a record-breaking goal.
    • There's a chance to enjoy some of the greatest goals the game has seen, stunning comebacks and record-breaking victories.
    • Although the final totals have yet to be calculated, a spokeswoman for the Theatre Royal said it had been a record-breaking year.
    • The final sum might fall short of last year's record-breaking £25m, but it will still be massive.
    • A video camera and assessors working four-hour shifts logged James' record-breaking attempt.
    • Schools across the borough celebrated another record-breaking year as GCSE results improved again.
    • In Swindon individuals and organisations will pull out all the stops to raise record-breaking amounts of cash this year.
    • The record-breaking appeal will close on Saturday after raising more than £250 million.
    • Last year, a record-breaking 100,000-plus visitors flooded into the showground.
    • This record-breaking album held the number one position longer than any other in 1996.